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a country you remember (1355 words) by waspabi

Molly pov on all the changes that have happened to the Folly.

Reasonable Adjustments (1861 words) by Philomytha

Peter and Nightingale, after Nightingale gets out of the hospital at the end of Rivers of London. A really good slice of their relationship.

Lone Wolf (1715 words) by Philomytha

The end of Broken Homes from Nightingale and Varvara's perspective.

The Librarian (1513 words) by Philomytha

Peter and Nightingale talk about Ettersberg and the Black Library.

Target Practice (1010 words) by Philomytha

A nice coda to Broken Homes.

Retrieval (1146 words) by Philomytha

Nightingale and Peter and Toby and coping with the hard parts of the job.

Team Building (1461 words) by maple_clef

Peter and Molly bonding over Ikea. A sweet missing scene based on a throwaway line in Moon Over Soho.

Every word I'm heeding (1828 words) by shoemaster

An adorable Molly and Abigail friendship-fic.

Demob (884 words) by Philomytha

Molly and Nightingale and the Folly, after the war.

Disturbing the Dust (2089 words) by Philomytha

Molly preparing the Folly for Peter's arrival. Great Molly pov.

a spell against the lonely (1556 words) by Raven

I totally headcanon Nightingale as queer, and this fic looks at what that might mean to him over the years.

Style It Out (1313 words) by maple_clef

A clever explanation for one of Nightingale's more questionable sartorial choices.

do whatever the tv tells us (1101 words) by couldaughter

A serious of domestic vignettes centered around television watching.

Berkeley Square (2450 words) by rabidsamfan

Snapshots of Nightingale's youth interspersed with bits of his time in hospital at the end of Rivers of London

Bridge Over Troubled Water (1081 words) by Deviant_Accumulation

A conversation between Beverley and Nightingale post Foxglove Summer.

The Cartographer Tries to Map a Course (2018 words) by eudaimon

A grown-up Abigail goes to visit the genius loci of Ettersberg.

that shall be bright (1108 words) by Raven

A young Nightingale meets the force of nature that is Phryne Fisher.


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