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fighting vainly the old ennui (13051 words) by Fahye - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

An AU in which Phryne turns to robbery rather than detecting as a hobby, but still starts up a flirtation with one Detective Inspector Jack Robinson

Lit Up by the Moon (1765 words) by BlackEyedGirl - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Phryne rescues Jack. A sweet take on their relationship with excellent dialogue.

New Mutiny (10832 words) by Lenore - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Jack has amnesia and hides it from everyone while continuing to solve crime. Great Jack-as-outsider pov.

a lack of pretense (1730 words) by mardia - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Jack is drugged against his will, but Phryne is there to rescue him.

Under a Summer Sky (3895 words) by abluestocking - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

A frothy little story about Jack and Phryne undercover as honeymooners.

Something Wild (4390 words) by ijemanja - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Huddling for warmth. It's a classic trope for a reason!

A Series of Optical Illusions (20391 words) by Fahye - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Delightful, long, post-series story, with an absolutely perfect historical guest-star.

Slow and Close (2742 words) by KiaraSayre - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

A series of moments in Jack and Phryne's relationship. Lovely characterization.

intimacy colours my voice (1521 words) by mardia - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Excellent smut.

If I Could Be With You (One Hour Tonight) (5460 words) by misspamela - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Fabulous first-time fic with great period details.

When the Long Trick's Over (5467 words) by gabolange - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Jack Robinson and the logistics of following Phryne to England. A lovely peak inside Jack's head with some excellent dialogue.

Bound (1135 words) by ladysorka - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

A delightful scene in which Jack and Phryne find themselves somewhat tied up.

don't need you to save me (you already forgave me) (1884 words) by Raven - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Really excellent. Comes closest of anything I've read to portraying their relationship the way I see it in my head.

Staying Afloat in the Tunnel of Love (2842 words) by st_aurafina - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

Negotiating was a lot like flirting. Jack and Phryne and a case in which they aren't entirely in agreement

slow as a wet week (546 words) by inmyriadbits, Spatz - Phryne Fisher/Jack Robinson

A cute, very Jack ficlet.
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