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Vorkosigan Series - Lois McMaster Bujold

Intelligent Disobedience (1304 words) by [ profile] Philomytha - Simon Illyan & Aral Vorkosigan

A missing scene between Aral and Simon during Barrayar. Sharp and painful and perfect.

Never Getting Back Together (Like, Ever). (1444 words) by [ profile] lannamichaels - Aral Vorkosigan/Ges Vorrutyer

Aral/Ges reimagined as a letter to Captain Awkward. Ges Vorrutyer is the ultimate Darth Vader Boyfriend. The best kind of crack.

The Huntsman's Reel (4440 words) by [ profile] Philomytha - Simon Illyan/Alys Vorpatril

Alys and Simon foiling a Cetegandan plot with style during Aral's Regency.

peace and quiet (5836 words) by [ profile] alessandriana - Gregor Vorbarra & Ivan Vorpatril

Well put together and a great glimpse into Gregor and Ivan's relationship.

The Queen's Thief - Megan Whalen Turner

the last (1050 words) by [ profile] patrokla - Eddis & Eugenides

A nice Eddis character-study.

Agreements and Arguments. (2162 words) by [ profile] shewhoguards - Attolia/Eugenides

Gen and Attolia have a discussion on their wedding night. The author really has a feel for the way the characters talk to each other.

The Dolphin's Promise (21313 words) by [ profile] sameshima_shuzumi - Eddis

Long, plotty, gen, pre-book Eddis adventure-story. With pirates! And politics twisty enough to fit in one of the books.

Oxford Time Travel Universe - Connie Willis

Busman's Holiday (2218 words) by [ profile] allyndra - Ned Henry/Verity Kindle

A sweet little take on Ned and Verity's honeymoon.

Discworld - Terry Pratchett

Gytha and Esme's Ill-Advised Adventure (3708 words) by [ profile] Elemental - Gytha "Nanny" Ogg, Esmerelda "Granny" Weatherwax

An adventure of a young Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg. Sharply -- and hilariously -- in character.

Chalion Saga - Lois McMaster Bujold

First Choices (2017 words) by [ profile] rsadelle

A clever take on what Quintarian faith might look like in the modern day. Told in the format of a news article.

all the words that ever were or ever will be (2825 words) by [ profile] Tequila_Mockingbird - the Daughter

The events of The Curse of Chalion as seen from the Daughter's perspective.

Hornblower - C.S. Forester

Smallbridge (12230 words) by [ profile] dome_epais - William Bush/Horatio Hornblower/Barbara Wellesley, Horatio Hornblower/Barbara Wellesley

Wonderful slow-build poly-fic told from Barbara's pov.

Little Women - Louisa May Alcott

Something Splendid (2308 words) by [ profile] thelittlestbird - Theodore Laurence/Amy March

A series of letters between Amy and Laurie while they're both in Europe.
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An Evening In by [ profile] temaris - Georgette Heyer - Cotillian, Kitty Charing/Freddy Standen - Kitty and Freddy would so not be the hands-on parenting types. Funny and sweet.

One Sour, Two Sweet by [personal profile] jest - Georgette Heyer - The Foundling, Gen - A great slice of perfectly-characterized Gideon and Gilly friendship.

Life, Stripped of All Luxeries by [ profile] keerawa - Lois McMaster Bujold - Chalion Series, Cazaril/Palli - Caz and Palli and the siege of Gotorget. Heartbreaking and perfect.

Last Words by [ profile] philomytha - Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan Series, Gen - Duv Galeni burns a death offering for his aunt. Wonderful and intricate and true.

Giving Hostages to Fortune by [ profile] desert_vixen - Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan Series, Gregor/Laisa - Gregor, Laisa and the people they consider family at the replicator-birth of their son. A quiet, lovely story.

Of Unfed Hope by [ profile] sineala - Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan Series, Miles/Duv - Miles and Duv while imprisoned on earth by Ser Galen. I rarely read slash in this fandom, but this story worked really well for me. Just the right level of h/c.

The Rules of Barrayaran Sex by [ profile] philomytha - Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan Series, Aral/Cordelia - A series of scenes from Aral and Cordelia's marriage. About a million types of awesome. Fabulously in character and complementary to canon.

Sworn in Silence by [ profile] FloraStuart - Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan Series, Gen - A young Aral on the night of of Mad Yuri's massacre. Incredibly well done.

can't steal happiness by [personal profile] wintercreek - Laurie R. King - Mary Russell Series, Gen - Tensions between Holmes and Russell just prior to her leaving for Oxford. Lovely and well-characterized.

Where Is A Place With Which To Flee by [ profile] Tami - Laurie R. King - Mary Russell Series, Gen - A fantastic take on how Alistaire and Maurice became Ali and Mahmoud.

Subverting the Dominant Paradigm by [personal profile] futuransky - Diana Wynne Jones - Chrestomanci Series, Gen - Queering the Chrestomanci-verse in subtle and really interesting ways.

Brush Contact by [ profile] wild_iris - Diana Wynne Jones - Chrestomanci Series, Gen - Witch Week fic featuring Estelle and Nirupam. Wonderful characterization and great fleshing out of the world. Witch Week was always one of my favorite books in the series, and I feel like this story really illuminates what it was I always loved about this book and these characters.

Explosions by [ profile] placebetween - Diana Wynne Jones - Chrestomanci Series, Gen - Clashes between Christopher and Gabriel = everyone else left to clean up the messes. Great premise, fabulously executed.

On Unicorns and Megalomania by [ profile] kaeda - Tanya Huff - Blood and Smoke Series - Lee and Tony and Brianna Bane, fourteen year-old apprentice and complete troublemaker. Sweet and funny.

Running Out by [ profile] kaeda - Tanya Huff - Blood and Smoke Series, Lee/Tony - Lee managing both denial and pining at the same time. Manages to stay just on the right side of the line between angsty and maudlin.

Smoke and Numbers by [ profile] ruffwriter - Tanya Huff - Blood and Smoke Series - Lee/Tony - Henry is protective, Tony is insecure, and Lee gets to be the one to figure it out and save the day. *hearts*

The Outskirter's Quest by [ profile] xylaria - Rosemary Kirstein - The Steerswoman Series, Gen - A wonderful missing scene. Well written and easily fits right into canon. More people should read these books, so that there can be even more fic about them!

(You Are) The Sky in Technicolor by [ profile] fadeoutin - Neal Gaiman - Stardust, Tristran/Yvaine - Tristran and Yvaine post-book. Lovely and atmospheric, very much in the feel of the book.

As Their Wimsey Took Them by [ profile] thassalia - Dorothy Sayers - Lord Peter Wimsey Series, Gen - Peter as a parent, both through his mother's eyes and his own. There needs to be more fic featuring the Dowager Duchess, I do love her so.

Five Stories the Reader Never Began by [ profile] nextian - Calvino - If on a winter's night a traveler, Gen - I confess, I have never read this book, but it didn't hamper my enjoyment of this fic one bit. Weird and wonderful and layered and so, so meta.

If On a Winter's Night a Reader by [ profile] Esteliel - Calvino - If on a winter's night a traveler, Gen - Another gleefully meta take on the book and on fandom.

Like Clockwork by [ profile] halotolerant - Terry Pratchett - Discworld Series - Vetinari/Drumknott pre-slash - Vetinari and Drumknott pre-slashiness. Subtly complicated.
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Lies by [ profile] mamadeb - A gorgeous little glimpse at Taura's future. Spoilers for Winterfair Gifts if you haven't read that. This is just a perfect fic, sweet and sad and utterly true.

Pity by [ profile] mamadeb - I love when I writer can take a seemingly impossible pairing and make me believe in it. Mamadeb does so wonderfully here with the unlikely pairing of Arde Mayhew/Bel Thorne. Is it het or slash when one of the participants is a hermaphrodite? And does it matter when it's as sexy and sweet as this?

Project Goldfish by Jeff Melcher - Pouncer's stories are always a delight and this is one of his finest. In the lead up to Gregor's wedding, Miles hosts an intimate dinner party where conversation gets just a bit out of hand. Project Goldfish is a hilarious mix of sharp dialogue and stellar characterizations, highlighted by Pouncer's fabulous grasp of Miles' inner voice.

Role Model by Jeff Melcher - A five year old Miles has a very edifying run-in with Captain Koudelka and Sargeant Bothari The vision of Kou as a role model for Miles is one that rings very true, but what I love most about this story is the interaction between Koudelka and Bothari, which subtly reflects and expounds on the bond forged between them during Barrayar.

Birthday by Ruth Bitz - A revealing glimpse into Ivan's life, through the lens of the ritual and tradition that is so much a part of being Vor. On the morning of his 30th birthday, Ivan goes to visit the father he never knew, to burn an offering and to remember.

Secondary Effects by Jeff Melcher - This story has gone AU since it was written, but it's a glorious AU nonetheless. Droushnakovi was barred from the military service she craved by her gender, but now she has daughters of her own and maybe it's time for things to change. A clever mirror of the opening scene of The Warrior's Apprentice right down to the fellow named Kostolitz, whose day is not going at all according to plan.

I Shall Wear Grey Today by Kirsten Houseknecht - Ekaterin's life in shades of grey, in the form of a prose poem that is as understated and perfect as the lady herself.

The Nature of a Marriage by Gatekeeper - A glimpse of Miles and Ekaterin's marriage, 25 years in. Lovely and hopeful, exactly the kind of future they both deserve.
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It's Yuletide season!!

I couldn't let myself go to bed without getting my Yuletide recs out there. Part of the joy and challenge of Yuletide is getting recs out before the author reveal, thus the lack of authors on the recs. As such these recs are hasty and shorter than is my wont and, of course, no authors are listed. I'll edit and link back to this post after the reveal to reflect authoral attribution.

It's once again a fabulous season for the small fandoms, so fabulous that I've put my recs behind a cut for length.

ETA: Edited to include author names.

In Which A New Child Comes to the Forest by [ profile] loligo - A.A. Milne - Winnie the Pooh books -- In which a now grown Christopher Robin brings his own son to the forest where he used to play. A lovely little story about parents and children and how we all need our own little corner of the 100 Acre Woods.

Trousers by [ profile] kadrin - Blackadder -- A silly baudy little story that reads like it could be a lost episode from the Elizabethan years. "Lord Edmund Blackadder was concerned about the state of his tights."

Four Yules for Jane Brailsford by [ profile] ekaterinn - Caroline Stevermer - College of Magic Series -- A glimpse of four moments in the life of Jane Brailsford. This is the kind of character-centric fic I love, just these little slices of time that cut straight to the heart of the character. Also, I love this fic just for existing. This is one of the fandoms I was really hoping would spawn fic this year.

Grown Men Do Things Together by [ profile] kattahj - Coupling (UK) -- Jeff expounds his theory on how straight men watching straight porn together is inherintly a little bit gay. Drop-dead hilarious and the author captures Steve's voice perfectly.

Too Young, Too Old by [ profile] vongroovy - C.S. Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia -- What's it like to go back to being a boy when you still can distantly remember being a grown man and king? A perceptive look at the awkward place Edmund finds himself in in The Vogage of the Dawn Treader.

Faith by [ profile] fanaticalone - C.S. Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia -- Uncle Andrew dreams of Narnia and finds his way home. More than any other piece of Narnia fic I've ever read this story captures the spiritual feel and the faith at the heart of the books.

A Donne Deal by [ profile] bronze_ribbons - Dorothy Sayers - Lord Peter Wimsey Series -- Peter and Harriet go to dine with the Honourable Freddy Arbuthnot and his wife Rachel. There is banter and wordplay and Donne and a little bit of a mystery thrown in.

Whither Thou Goest by [ profile] niahm_sama - Dorothy Sayers - Lord Peter Wimsey Series -- Peter and Harriet's first Christmas together, snowed in at Talboys. A lovely evocative story that wondefully captures the feel and voices of Sayer's universe and characters.

Dear Friends and Ruin by [ profile] mctabby - Frances Hodgsen Burnett - A Little Princess -- This is the kind of gem I look forward to finding in Yuletide. The story of Sarah's father and his friend Tom, in India and before. It's about love and friendship and the road to ruin and it's absolutely perfect.

Theseus and Ariadne Try Again by Vanzetti - Indiana Jones -- Marion Ravenwood has always been my favorite of Indy's love interests; she complements his strengths and has absolutely no time for his weaknesses. Here, Marion and Indy meet again, on the island of Crete, just in time for a German invasion. A great adventure in classic Indy style.

Even Later by [ profile] sanj - Into the Woods -- The Ever after of the ever after. A short, perfect coda to the play.

Bed by [ profile] jjtaylor - Laurie R. King - Mary Russell Series -- Holmes and Russell's changing relationship as shown in a series of moments on the periphery of sleep. Understated and lovely, only slightly marred by a somewhat abrupt ending.

Foolproof by [ profile] millefiori - Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan Series -- Despite his best efforts, Ivan just can't keep himself from worrying about By Vorrutyer. The premise is a little forced but the conflicted Ivan point of view is priceless.

The Talent of Imose by [ profile] shusu - Lois McMaster Bujold - Vorkosigan Series -- I love this story more than words can say. An Ivan-centric story that takes some of the most compelling loose ends left dangling around the Nexus and runs with them. A complex, twisty and tightly-paced plot, coupled with a stellar Ivan characterization makes this story a true delight from start to finish.

From Mathematics Further Off by [ profile] fox1013 - Madeleine L'Engle Novels -- The mathematics of Meg's life. A lovely piece of character-exploration.

The Murmuring of Bees Has Ceased by [ profile] gritkitty - Patrick O'Brien - Aubrey/Maturin Series -- Stephen's bees and a run in with some rather misguided French privateers make for a perfect little glimpse into Jack and Stephen's relationship and the value they place on each other.

Every Good Girl Does Fine by [ profile] kissmeagain - Peanuts -- Every year it seems like there's one story that stands out as the piece everyone's reccing. This seems to be the one this year, and it's totally worth every rec. Yes, this really is Peanuts fic; not only that but it's the Peanuts gang all grown up. It's the story of Patty and Marcie's senior year of high school, so perfectly told I can see it all happening. They may be older but they are still utterly and completely themselves, from Patty's overdramatic gestures to Marcie's unflappable "sir"s and everything in between.

Two Must Be Twain by [ profile] lyra_sena - Historical RPF -- It's Shakespeare/Marlow in iambic pentameter. Really, do I need to say any more?? Utterly and completely brilliant.

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) by [ profile] widget285 - Singin' in the Rain -- Don and Cosmo in the vaudeville days. A great look at their relationship and what keeps them together, with dialogue that simply sparkles.

In Bloom by [ profile] ladyvyola - Stage Door -- A late night conversation between Jean and Terry that could have been written by Edna Ferber herself. The dialogue is razor sharp and I can almost see Ginger Rogers and Katherine Hepburn delivering the lines.
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Flying Solo by [personal profile] elke_tanzer - Flying Solo is one of the first fics I read in this fandom and still one of the hottest things I've read in any fandom. We're talking brain-melting, lose the power of speech hot here. This is Kara Thrace in all her glory; a strong, confident and powerful woman, comfortable in her own skin and unashamed of her sexuality. [personal profile] elke_tanzer seamlessly blends Kara's memories and her fantasies into a narrative that is as strong and as sexy as Kara herself.

Palmer's Notation by [ profile] elismor - BSG is a great fandom for secondary characters and I love that the show and the fanfic writers aren't afraid to play with them. I've had a soft spot for Cally since I first saw the mini-series, and my love has only grown as we've learned more about her. Here, [ profile] elismor takes a fleeting revelation about Cally from Episode 2.3 and spins it into a short, revelatory character study. One that is only more powerful when read with the knowledge of what comes to pass in subsequent episodes.

Servant by [ profile] inlovewithnight - I love the complexity of the relationship between Lee Adama and Laura Roslin; the give and take, the fierce but precarious interdependence. [ profile] inlovewithnight embraces that complexity and explores the many facets of the question, "what do they see in each other?" The answer is as layered, nuanced and beautiful as the characters themselves.

State of the Colonies by [ profile] isis_uf - What do you do when you discover you're world is under attack? If you're President Adar, you discover quickly and terribly exactly how little even the leader of the colonies can do. [ profile] isis_uf takes a character mentioned but never seen in canon and brings him grandly to life. In a few brief lines she sketches a character who is believable, flawed and altogether human; a leader discovering how tenuous that leadership is, a powerful man discovering how impotent that power can be.

Five Ways to Lose Your Faith (And One to Find It) by [ profile] myalchod - Another pov of the cylon attack, this from a young priestess aboard the passenger liner Tyche's Blessing in the midst of a pilgramage to each of the 12 colonies. It is a simple story, in 6 linked vignettes, of the loss and rebirth of faith, of the descent into darkness and the promise of spring. Ellie is a believable and sympathetic viewpoint character and [ profile] myalchod has done a nice job of anchoring her experiences to the familiar events of the series occurring elsewhere in the fleet. What really makes this story though is the vision presented of the Colonies' religion. Mixing what little can be gleaned from the show with elements of Greek myth, [ profile] myalchod makes the colonist's faith feel tangible and real, with prayers and rituals and beliefs deftly woven into the pattern of day to day life.

Calliope by [ profile] rheanna27 - [ profile] rheanna27 presents the story of the cylon invasion from the point of view of the crew of the Calliope, a family-run cargo-ship and the smallest member of the Rag Tag Fleet. The Calliope is a family-run ship in the strictest sense. Her crew consists only of the captain, Max, his wife Helen and their two children. From the safety of this small microcosm we witness the destruction of civilization and the gathering together of the remnants into something new. Max and Helen are incredibly alive. I almost feel like I'd recognize them if I met them on the street, their concerns, their love, their wondering about what might have been, all are deftly portrayed. Lee Adama gets a cameo towards the end of the story, and he's excellently drawn as well, but the story ultimately belongs to the Calliope and her crew and to all the little families out there in the fleet struggling to survive in a dangerous new world.

Intra by [personal profile] svilleficrecs - Formatted as a series of fragments and scenes, Intra is a story told in borrowed time. Set entirely during the episode "33" it focuses not on the fights or the briefings or the jumps, but on those few precious minutes sandwiched in-between, when the exhausted pilots are finally able to pause and breathe and eat or shower or even snatch a few precious minutes of sleep or a desperate hand-job in the shower. Although her focus is on Lee and Kara's relationship -- past and present -- [ profile] svilleficrecs also turns her keen eye on some of the other pilots and deck crew. [ profile] svilleficrecs has a talent for spare, sharply-drawn characterizations, even those characters who only get one or two lines feel fully realized. But her Lee and Kara are the heart of this story, she captures everything that makes them captivating without shying away from either's more infuriating traits all while deftly weaving a picture of their past, their present and even their tenuous future.

Your Quaint Honour by [personal profile] voleuse - What is that moment when a relationship turns from a friendship to something else? Sometimes it's not a single moment or a single conversation, sometimes it isn't any words at all, just a series of minute changes and gradual shifts. In "Your Quaint Honour" [ profile] voleuse charts the unspoken shift in Lee and Kara's relationship, a shift that begins with the ending of civilization. [ profile] voleuse's strength is her prose. With stark, elegant sentences, she illuminates the unspoken, drawing out the meaning in a look, a touch, a slight shift in behaviour. She alternates segments of story with excerpts of verse (the poem To His Coy Mistress), a technique that is difficult to pull off. Here though, the juxtaposition is perfect, with the verse serving both to complement and to add richness to the narrative.

Ekphugion by [ profile] fourteenlines - I am so in love with this story. I've been reccing it everywhere I could think of ever since I first read it. Written for this year's Multiverse Crossover Ficathon, Ekphugion deposits the crew of the Galactica in the midst of Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan series. Departing from BSG canon at the end of season one, [ profile] fourteenlines imagines what might happen if the Rag Tag Fleet were to come out of jump and find themselves orbiting an inhabited planet with a very confused military presence. Fortunately for everyone involved, the planet is Sergyar, part of the Barrayaran Empire in Lois Bujold's Vorkosigan series and there is probably no one in the universe better equipped to deal with this situation then the Viceroy and Vicereine of Sergyar. Everything about this story thrills me. Shaye has a great grasp of both universes and entertwines two large casts and a handful of memorable walk-on OCs brilliantly. All the interactions are delightful and the outsider perspective on both universes is absolutely fascinating and dead on. If you haven't read Bujold's books parts of this story may be confusing, but I recommend it heartily anyway, if for no other reason then that it might inspire you to give her wonderful universe a spin.


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