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I have a bunch of SGA fic sitting around waiting to be recced, but until I get that into any semblance of order, here's a random smattering of other stuff I've read recently.

Due South:

Gunslinger by [ profile] tigs - A fabulous gen story about the two Rays in the aftermath of Fraser. Fraser is a force of nature and when he returns to Canada he leaves behind two men who have been profoundly changed by their association with him, in ways they don't even realize until they trip over them in the ordinary course of their lives. I love the friendship and the partnership between Ray and Ray here, the combination of smart-ass remarks and genuine caring that is in itself a legacy of Fraser.

(insert your own title here) by [ profile] lyra_sena, art by [ profile] slodwick - A hilarious epistiolary fic written for the [ profile] ds_flashfiction Badfic Summary Challenge. In other words, a high school AU told entirely through notes and letters. Absolutely priceless.

Horatio Hornblower:

Untitled Archaeology Fic by [ profile] _oggy_ - Fictional scholarship in the absolute best tradition of the fandom. And yes, I love that this fandom has a tradition of fictional scholarship. A pair of marine archaeologists excavating wreckage near Caudebec-en-Caux turn up more than they ever dreamed of while researching the provenance of an engraved pocket watch once belonging to Captain William Bush. A pair of fabulous OCs and a wealth of detail make this a truly fantastic and unique piece of fic.

Temeraire/His Majesty's Dragon:

first, breathe by [ profile] penknife - The beginning of the story, as told from Temeraire's pov. A lovely ficlet that complements the first chapter of the book wonderfully. I have great hope for this fandom.


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