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Others have offered other things. All over my friendslist there is a wealth of poetry and song and remembrance.

For myself, I offer fic. Three stories for this day:

Letters Home by [ profile] penknife - I have read The Secret Garden more times then I can even count, starting in about the 2nd grade. It's one of those books I never tire of, even though I know it by heart. Letters Home looks back in on Mary and Colin and Dickon as young adults, part of that generation forever changed by World War I. Colin and Dickon are stationed at the front, and in their letters and interactions we see a deeper and more complex adult version of the relationship forged in the book. Sometimes a fic feels so true, it becomes part of my own personal canon. This is one of those stories. In my head, this is as true as anything Burnett ever wrote.

Ring Out, Wild Bells, To the Wild Sky by [ profile] keswindhover - Another war, and another set of characters burned indelibly upon my brain. It's winter of 1942 and Harriet Wimsey has come to Oxford to visit her nephew, St-George, in Radcliffe Hospital. Keswindhover shows us a glimpse of the Wimsey's just as the tide of war is beginning to turn and the cost has become all too clear. Her characterizations are lovely, her prose elegant and precise and her story, just plain beautiful.

For the Sake of a Wavering Light by [personal profile] commodorified - Because the war is never really over, even for the lucky ones. This is part of Marna and [personal profile] damned_colonial's All the King's Men Hornblower universe; an unspecified future, a nightmare, and comfort. It's a simple story with startling emotional depth, impossible to describe and impossible to forget.

The Secret Garden and Lord Peter stories above were both originally written for [community profile] yuletide, consider this an advanced pimp for all the amazing stories sure to come out of there this year.


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