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The Queen's Thief Series - Megan Whalen Turner

a wide margin (1839 words) by [ profile] reapingfolk - Irene (Attolia)/Eugenides

Irene and Gen have such a wonderfully complicated relationship and this little story really delves into all the complications.

A Good Friend (3031 words) by [ profile] keilexandra

A wonderful look at an unusual friendship. I really love good stories about male-female friendships, and friendships across barriers of age or status and this has both.

War For the Oaks - Emma Bull

In Kind (3459 words) by [ profile] resolute

It's winter in Minnesota as I write this. It's beautiful. It also kills people.

A great, creepy Jazz-Age prequel to the novel.

Fall of Ile-Rien Series - Martha Wells

When the Sea Is (7183 words) by [ profile] marycrawford - Ilias/Tremaine Valiarde

A lovely little adventure with great worldbuilding and attention to details. I really like seeing how some of the disparate people who ended up in Cineth at the end of the series are adapting to life there.

Gashlycrumb Tinies - Edward Gorey

An Abecedary of Tragic Ends, Explicated for the Reader (2600 words) by [ profile] russian_blue

26 drabbles for 26 gruesome, cleverly imagined deaths.

The Bloggess

It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time (1073 words) by [ profile] fenellaevangela

A series of fake Bloggess posts, wherein the Bloggess tries her hand at kitten livestreaming. COMPLTELY AWESOME.

Knitting Anthropomorfic

The Diary of Knitpicks Optionsina IV, age 3.5mm (1248 words) by [ profile] lirin

Completely adorable! With pictures!

xkcd 1110 (Click and Drag)

Bigger Than You Think (200 words) by [ profile] belford

An interactive story of exploration.

Somebody made an entire old-school text adventure game in the world of xkcd's click and drag comic. So, SO awesome

Meanwhile, in Universe #364b (4712 words) by [ profile] CherryIce

A fantastic exploration of all the various corners of the click and drag world, from the lemonade stand in the caverns to the whales in the sky.


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