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The Life Before This by [personal profile] lovelokest - Callum Keith Rennie/David Hewlett - There are lots of reasons to write RPF, but sometimes, yes, combined hotness really is all the excuse you need. Although if you want a better one, DH and CKR were, in the same movie once. All Canadian actors eventually work with all other Canadian actors. It's a rule or something. Anyway, so there was this movie called The Life Before This and Callum Keith Rennie and David Hewlett were both in it, and yeah, this is fandom, does there really need to be a reason for CKR/DH PORN??? Aren't the two of them good enough reason all on there own? Yeah, exactly. *g*
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A mini-recs set I made a few days ago especially for [personal profile] lovelokest

43 Degrees Celsius by [ profile] brooklinegirl - RPF - Callum Keith Rennie/Hugh Dillon/Molly Parker - This is the insanely hot threesome fic I was telling you about at dinner Saturday night. OMG SO HOT. And God, I have such a kink for happy, non-monogamous relationships and this is just so that exactly. And honestly? I'd love it desperately just for that The brain-meltingly hot sex? Just a really nice bonus.

Maple Candy by [ profile] kalpurna - Due South - Fraser/RayK - Hot, hot, hot tattoo porn written for [profile] stop_drop_porn. Fraser tattoo porn. And it works. Really, really, really hot.

Ships by [ profile] misspamela - Due South - RayK/...someone - This fic is just made of awesome. Hot, angsty, semi-anonymous sex of the very best kind. And the pairing is just the most fabulous thing ever. I NEED more people to write this pairing. Seriously, for the good of fandom.


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