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The Life Before This by [personal profile] lovelokest - Callum Keith Rennie/David Hewlett - There are lots of reasons to write RPF, but sometimes, yes, combined hotness really is all the excuse you need. Although if you want a better one, DH and CKR were, in the same movie once. All Canadian actors eventually work with all other Canadian actors. It's a rule or something. Anyway, so there was this movie called The Life Before This and Callum Keith Rennie and David Hewlett were both in it, and yeah, this is fandom, does there really need to be a reason for CKR/DH PORN??? Aren't the two of them good enough reason all on there own? Yeah, exactly. *g*
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So, this is probably the longest single rec I've ever written. And it's deliberately vague. This really is a story best gone into with few preconceived notions. It will surprise and amaze you, I promise that.

And Be One Traveler by [ profile] amireal and [ profile] trinityofone

I said last night that I have been "desperately, impatiently waiting" to see this fic posted since before it was even completely written, and I wasn't exaggerating. I have been desperately waiting because I have desperately wanted to talk about this story, to break it down and take it apart and peel back the layers of meaning and emotion and meta that Ami and Trin have so meticulously assembled. Some stories fall apart under too much observation, the act of analysis stripping away the magic of the storytelling; this is not one of those stories. This is the kind of story that begs to be talked about, begs to be written about and analyzed and yes, debated and argued about, because I know this story is not going to be to everyone's tastes.

This is a story that defies definition, every category ill-fitting and constrictive. David Hewlett is one of the two characters from whose pov the story is told, thus it is, in the strictest sense, RPF. But when you take a real-person character and place them completely within a fictional setting such as Atlantis, the term RPF becomes strangely limiting. It's RPF, but it's not only RPF or even primarily RPF, and I think Trin and Ami were right to avoid the term in their header information because it is in some ways a misleading over-simplification.

So, David Hewlett wakes up one morning on Atlantis. And it is nothing and everything like he always thought it would be. Meanwhile, John Sheppard and the rest of the Atlantis cast attempt to grapple with the knowledge that somewhere in another world, the story of their lives airs weekly on the SciFi channel.

It's all very meta. And not just in a *wink wink, nod nod* kind of, superficial way. It's complex and layered and gets right to the heart of some of the key discussions at the center of fandom. It's about dichotomies: fiction vs. reality, actor vs. character, being a SF fan vs. what it might be like to really live in the worlds we read about or watch on TV every week. And it's about blurring those lines, a reminder of how slippery such definitions really can be.

Except that doesn't do the story justice either, it makes it sound all dry and analytical and thinky, and it's not that at all. Mostly, it is just a truly fantastic, richly complicated story. Nearly 70,000 words of John and Rodney and David and all of Atlantis and what happens when they meet and how it changes them all in the end. All the characterizations are brilliant, and the interaction between David and the Lanteans is deftly written, emphasizing the complexity of relationships both within Atlantis and within the SGA cast.

This is fearless writing, pushing boundaries and mixing genres and it works. And it really, really works. It'll take your breath away and make you laugh out loud and break your heart a little bit too. And I love it more than a little. More than a lot even. And I really can't recommend it highly enough.


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