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Two fabulous, long, plotty gen stories that were posted just this week.

Sailor's Delight by [ profile] general_jinjur - Stargate: Atlantis/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - In the 80's cult movie Night of the Comet, two Valley Girls are the only apparent survivors of a mysterious comet that comes in the night and wipes out all life on earth. [ profile] general_jinjur combines two fictional universes for a brilliant retelling that replaces the ditzy teenagers of the original with two considerably more kick-ass heroines, Dawn Summers and Jeannie McKay. It's a post-apocalyptic road trip with Dawn, Jeannie, two kids and a cat. Really, what's not to love?? The opening scenes with Dawn in Cleveland in particular are effectively creepy, without being overly laden with darkness and despair. Dawn and Jeannie are fabulous characters and [ profile] general_jinjur really does a great job with both of them, balancing the shock and horror of their situation with the practical resourcefulness they both display in canon.

I Believe in Wishful Thinking by [ profile] pentapus - A late entry for the [profile] reel_sga challenge, and oh was this ever worth the wait. [ profile] pentapus has turned the obscure Theodora Goes Wild into a hilarious pre-Rising AU. Stymied by the inability to open the gate to Atlantis, Rodney McKay goes in search of a mysterious mathmetician, whose anonymously published paper just might hold the key to solving his problem. His search takes him to a small town in Massachusetts, and the quirky inhabitants, particularly the enigmatic ex-pilot John Sheppard. It's a screwball comedy in the finest tradition of the genre, witty, fast paced and character-driven with a charming cast and a delightfully twisty plot.


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