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Some miscellaneous stories most of which have been hanging around in my 'to rec' folder for a while.

The spaceman's idylls tell a foetid tale by [personal profile] jadelennox - Farscape - Poetry - Oh god I love good fan-poetry. It's can be really hard to pull off, but when an author gets it right, it can be fantastic. Like this. A letter from John Chricton to his father. In verse. Cleverly done and just lovely.

Some Living After We Die by Dorinda - Life on Mars - Gene/Sam - Life on Mars is such a wonderfully slashy show, it's remarkable how little slash it's generated. Personally, I see the slashiness, but have real trouble seeing the characters actually following through with it. Which is why I love this story so much. Dorinda gets Sam and Gene's voices, and their fiercely combative relationship, note-perfect, keeping them completely in character, and then taking them that extra step over the line.

Pocket Full of Mumbles by [ profile] mondschein1 - Hard Core Logo - gen - A fabulous, nicely paced, post-movie fic. [ profile] mondschein1 focuses on Billy and his new life in Jenifur, but also on John, and on Billy and John's complicated relationship as survivors of Hard Core Logo. I fell in love with the format from the very first; it's a clever blend of interview transcripts and straightforward narrative, each bit of transcript serving to illuminate and lead into the flow of the story.

Once a King by [ profile] rynne and Always Spring and Never Summer (Once a King, Always, Immortal Remix by [ profile] tartanshell - The Chronicles of Narnia - gen - A lovely example of one of the many possibilities inherent in remixing. In Once A King, [ profile] rynne confronts what to me is the biggest unanswered question of the series, how do you go back to being children when you can remember being a King? Where [ profile] rynne shows us the struggle to adjust immediately after the return through Edmund's eyes, [ profile] tartanshell ranges further afield, expanding both the points of view and the time frame. Susan's section in particular shows an astute understanding of the most complicated of the Pevensie children

I'm a Musician (Not a Mathematician) by [ profile] watersword - Singin' in the Rain - Don/Cosmo, Don/Cosmo/Kathy - I love this movie, particularly because of the dynamic between the three leads. Don and Cosmo's is a wonderfully balanced relationship, light and loose and comfortable. It's inevitable that Don's marriage would throw that balance off, or maybe it isn't. Maybe the trick is to find a new balance, integrating the new love into the old. [ profile] watersword keeps the light tone and the witty banter of the movie while bringing the sexual chemistry between the three leads to the forefront in a truly delightful story.

Smile by [ profile] coreopsis - Withnail and I - gen - [ profile] coreopsis earns my undying love for writing Withnail and I fic. Undying Love. This is just such a wonderful fabulously happy-making story, I cannot stop smiling every time I read it. The perfect coda to the movie.


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