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Reunion Song (4752 words) by [ profile] moirariordan - Nick Gant/Cassie Holmes

Cassie and her mom part ways with Nick and Cassie refuses to admit that she's really not coping well. I love how genuinely torn Cassie is here, fighting between competing desires to figure out where she belongs.

...and that has made all the difference (4397 words) by [ profile] maharetr

Cassie and Nick and the little decisions we make that change our lives. I love that Nick and Cassie don't talk about staying together, but you can tell when they've made the decision. Neatly pushes my family-of-choice buttons.

she won't let me in there (3291 words) by [ profile] unfinishedidea - Nick Gant/Cassie Holmes

Nick and Cassie and the evolution of their relationship. I really like the idea of Nick taking Cassie to get some fight training so she can look out for herself, so they can both look out for each other.

Kick at the Darkness (14754 words) by [ profile] Frostfire - Nick Gant/Cassie Holmes

Long, plotty Nick/Cassie roadtrip fic. A great build up to their relationship.

Job Offer (2534 words) by [ profile] kittydesade

Takes a supporting character from the film who doesn't even have a name and really fleshes her out in a satisfying and interesting manner.

The Bourne Legacy

New Reality (1618 words) by [ profile] cybermathwitch - Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing

A really great take on Marta and Aaron's relationship immediately after the movie. I love this Marta-POV and this take on how Aaron and Marta's sexual relationship begins is very believable and nicely done.

Bury My Heart on the Coals (6280 words) by [ profile] blackbird - Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing

Aaron and Marta on the run, learning about each other and learning to trust each other. A nice slow build.

if you want to sing out (1076 words) by [ profile] Siria - Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing

Aaron/words OTP. A really interesting look at how the treatments changed Aaron.

Here, Now (2563 words) by [ profile] octopedingenue - Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing

A really neat look at Aaron and Marta and their relationship both after the movie and after Treadstone et. al have finally gone down. Pleasingly domestic in a way I never would have thought would work for these characters.

broke everything new again (1163 words) by [ profile] Siria - Aaron Cross/Marta Shearing

A great, short fic about the ways both Marta and Aaron feel out of their depth in the new life they've found themselves in.

The Losers

This Side of Paradise (17031 words) by [ profile] thefourthvine - Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Jake Jensen

Undercover as gay/fake relationship fic is a classic for a reason. This is charming and witty with a great Jake pov and a nice take on Jake and Cougar's relationship.

All You Have To Do Is Open Your Eyes (5057 words) by [ profile] torakowalski - Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Jake Jensen

One of the best representations of how Cougar and Jensen communicate I've seen in fic. Does the tricky job of really capturing the non-verbal communication between Cougar and Jensen.

The Losers/Avengers movies

Five Things Not on Jake Jensen’s Resumé (1819 words) by [ profile] omphale23 - Carlos "Cougar" Alvarez/Jake Jensen

The unlikely (and awesome) comradeship of Jake Jensen and Tony Stark. It's actually much easier than I thought it would be to blend these two universes.

Sports Night

You Could Turn It On Like A Light (11978 words) by [ profile] nightcamedown - Casey McCall/Dan Rydell

In which Dan and Casey are not fraught. Or so they say.

Casey and Dan are SO fraught. It just takes Casey an extra-long time and a lot of flailing to figure it out. Spot-on dialogue.

Ferris Bueller's Day Off

it's time to spend the night away (1825 words) by [ profile] ferrassie - Ferris Bueller/Cameron Frye

Ferris Bueller's POV is hard to get right, but this fic captures both his voice and his relationship with Cameron really nicely.

Grosse Point Blank

Four Ways Marcella Could Have Ended Up Working For Martin and One Way She Did (2191 words) by [ profile] linaerys

SO much fun. I love every single one of these might have beens.
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My first step in trying to get back into the habit of reccing things is a big pile of Festivids recs! There were a lot of vids for Festivids this year, and I probably managed to watch close to 2/3 of them. These are my favorites.

All vids are currently anonymous, I'll edit this post to include vidder names after the reveal.

Batman: Year One - What Makes a Man - a really fabulous character-study for a movie I've never seen, but now desperately want to.

Big Fish - a message for you - Everything I love so much about this movie in 3 1/2 lovely minutes.

Blackpool - Little Lie - Another source I've never seen, but wow this vid tells its story well, and the vidder does a great job of incorporating the dance footage into what isn't a dance vid.

Bringing Up Baby - Lovin' You - A wonderful, whimsical vid that captures the screwball nature of the film perfectly. I'm really impressed by the timing and sense of motion in this vid.

Bringing Up Baby - You Might Think - TWO awesome Bringing Up Baby vids this year. This is a neat contrast to the other vid, seeing how the same footage feels different when paired with a very different song. Also does a really good job of timing the characters motion to the music.

Cabaret - Hot in Herre - OMG this vid! It starts out as a sexy and debauched celebration of the queer cabaret, and then slowly, just as in the movie, the real world starts to intrude, and the same song that was raunchy and sexy just a couple verses ago is now dark and twisted and chilling. Brilliantly done.

Can't Hardly Wait - Inside Out - So, I graduated from high school in 1998, just like the class in this movie. And here's the thing, my high school experience was nothing like this movie, and nothing worth being nostalgic for, and yet this vid made me nostalgic for it nonetheless. One of the commenters described it as a love letter to the late 90s, and that's exactly it. From the song choice to the cutting, this is a total love letter to the era in which I came of age.

Doctor Who - Another Girl, Another Planet - I have, no lie, wanted a classic Dr. Who vid to this song for years. It's just such a perfect song for the fandom and for Ace in particular. A delightful romp of Ace-love.

Doctor Who - Awake My Soul - The Sarah Jane vid that's made everyone cry. An exceptional look at all the many years of awesomeness of Sarah Jane Smith, from the original serials through Sarah Jane Adventures.

Down With Love - Waterloo - Completely de-hets the movie, turning it into a delightful femslashy romp. Great fun.

E.T. - Love Will Win - This vid is already a comfort-vid for me. Shamelessly sentimental, with great cutting, and a fabulous song choice that really captures the feel of the movie. The best kind of feel-good vid.

Gilda - Sweet, Sweet Sting - A brilliant song choice, and great tight pacing that really captures the noir nature of the film.

Goonies - Retropactum - I have a weakness for stories about family, both biological and found/chosen. Goonies is about both kinds of family and this vid captures all the exuberance and all the ways they are a family just perfectly.

Hello Dolly - We Got The Beat - A wonderful, joyful dancing vid! Fantastic timing.

Jeeves & Wooster - The Undeserving Rich - Jeeves & Wooster to the tune of "A Little Bit of Luck" from My Fair Lady. Comic brilliance.

The King's Speech - Fixing A Hole - A great Bertie & Lionel vid. This is an unusual song choice, and I was surprised by how well it works for these two. Another vid with great pacing.

A Knight's Tale - Eye of the Tiger - The vidder's description says, "A Knight's Tale is both 20 years too late and nearly 700 years too early to be a 1980s sports movie. That doesn't stop it from trying." Hilarious, over-the-top awesomeness.

Life - Children's Work - Another source I haven't seen, but WOW does this vid make me want to. Just a brilliant, intense, layered vid. I feel like I get something more from it ever time I watch it.

Maru the Cat - Outside the Box - This is the vid that seemingly everyone is reccing this year, even people who self-describe as not liking cute cat vids. Me, I love cute cat vids, and this vid is amazing. Gloriously over the top, but so sincere. Maru's life is SO HARD guys, SO HARD.

Maru the Cat - Papa's Got a Brand New Bag - Another great Maru vid. Maru is a bad ass action-star kitteh!

Mystery, Alaska - High Life - a slow building, quiet vid that tells the story of the movie wonderfully. This is another vid where to me the song choice is what really makes it.

Newsies - Express Yourself - Dancing newsboys! Timing is so important with dance vids, and the timing here is impeccable. And the combination of song and source is over the top awesome in all the right ways.

Pride & Prejudice (1995) - What a Man - A short, one-note vid, but oh, what a note. If this vid were any longer it wouldn't work at all, but 1:44 of Darcy love is just perfect.

Real Genius - Gone (A Moral Imperative) - I had forgotten how much fun this movie is. This is a fast-paced, and quite delightful vid that's a very good reminder.

Real Genius - A Meditation on Genius and Scientific Discovery… - A rather different and equally awesome Real Genius vid. I almost skipped watching this one, because classical music vids are so hard to get right, but the vidder really manages it well here..

Red - Me Against The Music - Super-tight editing and a kick-ass song choice. This vid totally convinced me to watch the movie.

Red - W-O-M-A-N - Helen Mirren is sucha fabulous action hero. A fun, sexy vid, that's just the right length.

Remington Steele - Kill the Director - A witty reminder of exactly how fabulous and refreshing this show was. There's a great narrative line to this vid, following the developing relationship between the leads.

Rocky Series - The One - A shamelessly over-the-top old-school slash vid. Managed to get me completely invested in a relationship I don't know, in a series of movies I've never really had much interest in seeing. And then totally break my heart at the end.

The Scarlet Pimpernel - Da' Scarlet Dipernel - A hilarious juxtaposition of song and text that works fabulously thanks to some great, well-timed editing.

Sports Night - To Make You Feel My Love - Oh, my heart. I love these characters so much, and they all love each other so much. Vids to slow songs are so hard, but this is just so, so perfect.

Stand By Me - Head Full Of Doubt/Road Full of Promise - This is a gorgeous vid, that really gets to the emotional heart of the movie and the characters. There is just so much richness and nuance to this vid. I keep rewatching it, and every time something else about it catches me.

Thelma & Louise - Shine - Distills the movie into 4 1/2 near perfect minutes. May leave you with the urge to shout "fuck the patriarchy!" a lot, or maybe that's just me.


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