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I think it's pretty clear that I've fallen rather hard for SGA fandom lately. One of the things I love about the fandom is the sheer breadth of stories to be told. The more cracked out the concept, the more it seems to be perfect for an SGA fic. Nowhere is this more obvious then in the profusion of fabulous AUs and Crossovers the fandom has generated.

So, I decided to do a recs set of all SGA AUs and Crossovers

Clarke's Law by [profile] isiscolo - Stargate Atlantis/Harry Potter - Yes, you read that right, an SGA/HP crossover. And it's gen too, and you know what? It's Perfect. Isis takes Clarke's Law (Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic) and takes it to it's most logical extreme, and creates a near-seamless melding of the two universes. The characters from both universes are strongly drawn and the plot is complex and fast-moving and frighteningly plausible.

Arizona by [ profile] seperis - Stargate Atlantis is a fabulous fandom for AUs, often the more outlandish the concept, the better. Dr. Rodney McKay, genius astrophysicist on the run from the US government after rather forcefully cutting his ties with them, wakes up in his seedy hotel room to find an assassin standing at the foot of his bed. A rather rumpled looking assassin, with a lazy grin and a marked disinclination to shoot him. And that's when things get interesting. Seperis does a nice job of gradually revealing John and Rodney's backstory as well as of dropping in brief appearances and references to other familiar characters for a great mix of fast-paced action and steamy smut. The sequel, Puerto Vallarta is also fabulous. There is also now a third installment, Mexico City that, unlike the previous two stories which stand well alone, ends on a spectacular cliffhanger. It's just as excellent as its predecessors though and will have you, like me, desperately waiting for the next installment.

Where Did All the Physics Go? by [ profile] amireal - Stargate Atlantis/Star Trek - A good author can make even the most unlikely crossover work, the trick is in taking both canons seriously while also recognizing the inherent unlikelyhood of the scenario. [ profile] amireal does so fabulously in this spectacular crossover of SGA Star Trek TOS So, John and Rodney wind up someplace they really never expected to be... and once they've stopped falling over laughing in hysterical shock, they discover that they have more in common with their childhood heroes then they ever expected. The interactions here really make the story, especially the conversation McKay has about the downside of being friends with heroes. Amireal combines a character-based crossover that's true to both series, with a lovely and believable first time McKay/Sheppard story, weaving the separate strands of the story together into a charming and delightful whole.

Animal Husbandry by [ profile] casspeach - This story won me over in the first paragraph with the horse named Puddle Jumper and it only got better. Written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic Harlequin challenge, but anything but short, John is a ranch hand/rodeo rider and Rodney is the new vet in town, taking over half of Zelenka's practice. The result is the best kind of love story, full of very real characters, who are very good at getting in the way of their own happy ending. Casspeach provides a fabulous supporting cast, particularly Lorne and Cadman as John's best friends and Elizabeth as his boss.

Temporary Engagement by [ profile] kylielee1000 - Probably my favorite of all the stories to come out of the Harlequin challenge. Elizabeth Weir, the CEO of Atlantis Industries, needs a fiance, to facilitate a business deal. Enter, her mousy secretary, Radek Zelenka. But Radek, like all mousy secretaries, is more than he seems and has been nursing a hopeless crush on his boss for years. It's a classic romance plot, gleefully gender-bent and skillfully told, utilizing a wide ranging cast of Atlantis regulars and guests. I never get tired of reading this fic.

Prince Charming by [ profile] coreopsis - In which John buys Rodney at a bachelor auction. Really, do I need to say more?? By turns sweet, funny, and scorchingly hot, this is just a lovely little romantic what if. One of those stories that never fails to make me happy.

No Refunds or Exchanges by [ profile] astolat - In an Atlantis like but completely unlike the one we know, busy physicist Rodney McKay sends away for a mail-order bride so he'll have someone to clean his house and cook his meals and generally do all the stuff he has no time for. What he gets is John Sheppard. Soon Rodney finds that the last thing he thought he wanted is the very thing he needs the most. Shalott embraces the tropes of the romance genre and gleefully twists them into a tender, sexy and true-to-character romance.

Counterpoint by [ profile] nestra - Pianist/composer Rodney McKay needs an assistant while he works on his latest Concerto. Ex-con John Sheppard is looking for a fresh start in life when he answers Rodney's ad. Everything about this story makes me happy, John's doubts, Rodney's abrasive confidence, the way music is woven through their relationship and the story. Just a sweet, lovely story.

a blue true dream of sky by [ profile] isilya - John, Rodney and cattle droving in a vaguely Australian backcountry. The cattle are John's, being driven to market by he and his hands. Rodney is an agrictultural scientist, trying to discover the cause of the deadly wraith fungus, that is devestating the land. This story is almost indescribable. In a series of scenes, not all laid out in order, Isilya creates a vibrant and very real world and a complex web of relationships that are both different from and true to the relationships on the show. This is another of those stories I just keep coming back to.


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