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You're Pretty Good Looking (For a Girl) by [ profile] trinityofone - John/Rodney - Genderfucked: Rodney, Cadman - Both bodyswap and genderswap, with some interesting twists. Rodney and Cadman swap bodies and the effect just might be permanent. Trin does a nice job of dealing with the repercussions for both Rodney and Laura and their relationships with each other and with others on Atlantis, but it is her take on John and Rodney's relationship that is the most interesting and complex. I love this version of John, the way so much of his sense of self is tied up in his feelings about his sexuality. I especially love the recognition of the inherent queerness of Rodney and Laura's situation and how that impacts all aspects of their lives..

Nearer to the Miracle by [ profile] flambeau - John/Rodney - Genderfucked: Rodney - A very, VERY hot little genderswap PWP. Girl!Rodney and John and slow, sleepy sex on a hot Atlantis night. I love this for the hotness, but also because there isn't the usual angst about the nature of their relationship and yet the genderswap and the idea of genderswap is still very much central to the story.

Walk a Mile by [ profile] havocthecat - John/Elizabeth - Genderfucked: John - I don't, as a rule, read John/Elizabeth. It's just one of those pairings that it's really really hard for me to buy. But this? This I love. First of all, it's HOT. Really really hot. I mean, Girl!John is always hot to me, but Girl!John femslash is like a whole nother level of pretty. And by a) turning John into a girl and b) making Elizabeth the one who's totally in charge of their encounter, [ profile] havocthecat manages to neatly sideswipe most of my hangups with this pairing.

At the Violet Hour by [ profile] linaerys - John/Rodney - Genderfucked: John - What if John turned into a girl and nobody noticed? So much genderswap deals with men being transformed into almost stereotypically feminine body types, large breasts, curving hips and such and I'm good with that; I have just such a body type myself, so I can hardly complain. All the same, I find this fic refreshing for the more androgynous form John's transformation takes. By turning John into a woman but having him now pass as a man, [ profile] linaerys has written a story that is as much about gender and perception as it is about the traditional genderswapped sexual experimentation.

Stunning None the Less by [personal profile] telesilla - John/Rodney - Genderfucked: John - Quite possibly one of the hottest things I have ever read. 600 words that hit SO many of my buttons. It's Girl!John seducing a reluctant Rodney, with banter and snark and John totally fighting dirty. Really, really hot.

Odd One Out by [ profile] medie - John/Rodney, Girl!John/Ronon - Genderfucked: John. Sort of. - This story broke my heart a little bit. It's sweet and sad and painful in it's inevitability. What if Girl!John were a clone, with all his memories, but no longer his life, an outside observer to everything she remembers once having. A short fic that packs a big emotional punch. Beautiful and painful in equal measure.

With Shifting Change, All Hues and Hand Painted by [ profile] ladycat777 - John/Rodney - Genderfucked: Rodney - Oh, the joys of mysterious ancient technology, the gift that just keeps on giving to SGA fandom. The mysterious plot device in this case transforms Rodney into a woman and Teyla into a toddler, making for an interesting perspective on the already-existing family dynamic among the team. Meanwhile, John and Rodney struggle to integrate Rodney's new gender into their established relationship. With Shifting Change is a delightful romp of a story, sweet and funny with a sincere emotional underpinning that makes all the relationships very believable. All Hues, on the other hand, is pure, unrefined hotness. A fabulous, smutty, missing scene from With Shifting Change featuring Rodney and a strap-on. The last story in the universe, Hand Painted picks up the morning after All Hues; it's sexy and sweet, with a wonderful, comfortable tenderness to the interaction.

Tab A Slot B by [ profile] the_drifter - John/Rodney - Genderfucked: Anyone and Everyone - A grand old screwball comedy of a genderswap fic. A mysterious bit of ancient technology first switches the genders of all the men of Atlantis and then of all the women, leaving chaos in it's wake. It's played for humor, but with a serious point underneath. [ profile] the_drifter addresses the ways in which genderswap is a form of forced transgendering, placing the Atlanteans in bodies that no longer match their internal senses of self. It's an interesting, different perspective on the genre and a great, fun fic.

Sheppard's Choice by [ profile] cupidsbow - Gen - Genderfucked: John - A sharp, achy little ficlet that could be the first scene of something bigger, but stands just fine on it's own as well. Painful and beautiful in equal measure, this is a brilliant twist on the genderswap trope and an absolutely fascinating take on John's character.

Only Grumpier and With Darker Hair by [ profile] scribblinlenore - John/Rodney - Genderfucked: Rodney - "In our culture," John told her with an aggressive absence of inflection, "changing someone's gender without asking permission is considered impolite.". Oh, John, you should know by now that things work differently in the Pegasus galaxy. Rodney approaches his enforced womanhood the same way he approaches any problem: with rather a lot of bitching and all the subtlety of a rock, but without letting it slow him down in the least. When Rodney turns to John for help in getting the "full female experience" things, of course, get complicated. It all plays out very much like a romantic comedy, if they made genderswitch romantic comedies, that is. Sexy and funny, with just the right level of angst to make it all the sweeter.

Stand-In by [ profile] lamardeuse - John/Rodney - Genderfucked: Rodney - Back on earth during the Return Part One, John meets a beautiful woman named Daphne in a bar and the immediately hit it off. She's geeky and funny and interesting to talk to and the sexual tension between them is almost immediate. She is, essentially, everything he likes about Rodney in an attractive female package. As his relationship with Daphne intensifies his long-distance relationship with Rodney becomes more and more strained. A fascinating, sexy twist on the classic genderfuck romance.

Human Vacillation and Grace by [ profile] trinityonfone - John/Rodney - Genderswapped: Various - I've recced Human Vacillation before, but it's just to good to pass up, so since I'm using the excuse that I haven't recced Grace before to include it here.

My original rec of Human Vacillation, which I still stand by wholeheartedly, says: The most brilliantly original fanfic premise I have read in a long, long time. This is one of those stories where the less you know going in the better. It's genderswap fic. But it's like no genderswap fic you've ever read before. There are layers of story here, and it's so brilliantly woven together that when it all clicks into place it's a true revelation, a moment of "aha, so that's why..." that leaves me breathless every time I read it. I've read this story a lot of times, and every time I notice something different about it, some new hint of backstory and added complexity and depth. Trin has a simple, spare prose style and an ear for truly evocative turns of phrase and never has she used it to better effect then here.

I'm always hoping [ profile] trinityofone will write more in this universe, so I was extremely excited when she posted Grace. The only sad thing is that it's so short. It's only about 900 words, but they're an absolutely fascinating 900 words, building on and complementing the world created in Human Vacillation and offering some intriguing hints of what the future holds.

Untitled Snippet 1 and Untitled Snippet 2 by [ profile] eliade - Gen - Genderfucked: Rodney - Just a pair of context-less snippets of girl!Rodney fic. But they're hilarious little snippets and so I couldn't resist including them, especially the first, in which Rodney terrorizes the science staff with his breasts.

girl!Rodney Drabble by [ profile] kalpurna - Gen-ish - Genderfucked: Rodney - I really don't usually rec drabbles. But then again, most drabbles aren't nearly this hot. Rodney discovers the best thing about his new gender. Scorching hot and, like the best drabbles, a complete story unto itself.

But Some Things Never Stop Being Funny by [personal profile] astolat - John/Rodney/Ronon - Genderfucked: John - Another re-rec, in part because I've wanted to write a longer rec of this story for a while and in part because it's just so damn good, I couldn't bring myself to not include it. What I said before: In less that 1700 words, Shalott manages to hit no less than 3 of my major bulletproof kinks. It's a genderfuck threesome, with Girl!John very much in the middle and it's my current gold standard for scorching hot smut.

And I still stand by every word of that, but there's more to this story than just the smut. It's about John coming to terms with his new body and his new relationship with Rodney. No, not just coming to terms with it, reveling in it, embracing it in all it's flaws and all it's limitless potential.

always should be someone you really love by [personal profile] thingswithwings - John/Rodney - Genderfucked: John and Rodney - This story is my new fannish happy place. I'm afraid I'm actually still too much in the first blush of love with it to really give it the rec it deserves. It's a genderfuck twist on that old slash classic: We're Not Gay, We Just Love Each Other. John and Rodney aren't gay. Except now they're both women. Women who are still attracted to women. So now, in a way, they are kind of gay, attractive and attracted to each other. WNGWJLEO is often a problematic trope for me, but I absolutely adore this take on it. Also, on a shallower note, John and Rodney make really, really hot lesbians.

Maybe Oracle by [ profile] spike21 - Gen - Genderfucked: Teyla - One of the reasons I love genderfuck so much is the way it can be used to highlight not just the physical differences between genders, but the differences in how society on the whole treats and responds to men and women. Teyla misses a lot of things about being a woman, but it's what she doesn't miss, the new status her new gender suddenly accords her, that is the heart of this story.
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Two fabulous, long, plotty gen stories that were posted just this week.

Sailor's Delight by [ profile] general_jinjur - Stargate: Atlantis/Buffy the Vampire Slayer - In the 80's cult movie Night of the Comet, two Valley Girls are the only apparent survivors of a mysterious comet that comes in the night and wipes out all life on earth. [ profile] general_jinjur combines two fictional universes for a brilliant retelling that replaces the ditzy teenagers of the original with two considerably more kick-ass heroines, Dawn Summers and Jeannie McKay. It's a post-apocalyptic road trip with Dawn, Jeannie, two kids and a cat. Really, what's not to love?? The opening scenes with Dawn in Cleveland in particular are effectively creepy, without being overly laden with darkness and despair. Dawn and Jeannie are fabulous characters and [ profile] general_jinjur really does a great job with both of them, balancing the shock and horror of their situation with the practical resourcefulness they both display in canon.

I Believe in Wishful Thinking by [ profile] pentapus - A late entry for the [profile] reel_sga challenge, and oh was this ever worth the wait. [ profile] pentapus has turned the obscure Theodora Goes Wild into a hilarious pre-Rising AU. Stymied by the inability to open the gate to Atlantis, Rodney McKay goes in search of a mysterious mathmetician, whose anonymously published paper just might hold the key to solving his problem. His search takes him to a small town in Massachusetts, and the quirky inhabitants, particularly the enigmatic ex-pilot John Sheppard. It's a screwball comedy in the finest tradition of the genre, witty, fast paced and character-driven with a charming cast and a delightfully twisty plot.
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So, this is probably the longest single rec I've ever written. And it's deliberately vague. This really is a story best gone into with few preconceived notions. It will surprise and amaze you, I promise that.

And Be One Traveler by [ profile] amireal and [ profile] trinityofone

I said last night that I have been "desperately, impatiently waiting" to see this fic posted since before it was even completely written, and I wasn't exaggerating. I have been desperately waiting because I have desperately wanted to talk about this story, to break it down and take it apart and peel back the layers of meaning and emotion and meta that Ami and Trin have so meticulously assembled. Some stories fall apart under too much observation, the act of analysis stripping away the magic of the storytelling; this is not one of those stories. This is the kind of story that begs to be talked about, begs to be written about and analyzed and yes, debated and argued about, because I know this story is not going to be to everyone's tastes.

This is a story that defies definition, every category ill-fitting and constrictive. David Hewlett is one of the two characters from whose pov the story is told, thus it is, in the strictest sense, RPF. But when you take a real-person character and place them completely within a fictional setting such as Atlantis, the term RPF becomes strangely limiting. It's RPF, but it's not only RPF or even primarily RPF, and I think Trin and Ami were right to avoid the term in their header information because it is in some ways a misleading over-simplification.

So, David Hewlett wakes up one morning on Atlantis. And it is nothing and everything like he always thought it would be. Meanwhile, John Sheppard and the rest of the Atlantis cast attempt to grapple with the knowledge that somewhere in another world, the story of their lives airs weekly on the SciFi channel.

It's all very meta. And not just in a *wink wink, nod nod* kind of, superficial way. It's complex and layered and gets right to the heart of some of the key discussions at the center of fandom. It's about dichotomies: fiction vs. reality, actor vs. character, being a SF fan vs. what it might be like to really live in the worlds we read about or watch on TV every week. And it's about blurring those lines, a reminder of how slippery such definitions really can be.

Except that doesn't do the story justice either, it makes it sound all dry and analytical and thinky, and it's not that at all. Mostly, it is just a truly fantastic, richly complicated story. Nearly 70,000 words of John and Rodney and David and all of Atlantis and what happens when they meet and how it changes them all in the end. All the characterizations are brilliant, and the interaction between David and the Lanteans is deftly written, emphasizing the complexity of relationships both within Atlantis and within the SGA cast.

This is fearless writing, pushing boundaries and mixing genres and it works. And it really, really works. It'll take your breath away and make you laugh out loud and break your heart a little bit too. And I love it more than a little. More than a lot even. And I really can't recommend it highly enough.
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And yet more fabulous SGA het for you all, this time two of my favorite snarky McKay pairings, McKay/Carter and McKay/Cadman. One of these stories was previously recced on [ profile] rec50, meaning that all my recs from there have now been crossposted here.


lapsus linguae - a slip of the tongue by [ profile] agentotter - [ profile] agentotter writes the best McKay/Carter out there, preserving the prickly nature of their interaction while emphasizing the subtle changes in their professional and personal interaction now that Rodney's in Atlantis. Where once there was merely snark, there is now a flirtatious edge, that leads perfectly into a sweetly awkward first kiss.

de profundis - up from the depths by [ profile] agentotter - This is just gorgeous, quiet, perfect prose unfolding slowly to reveal layers of meaning. This is a Rodney/Sam story, but it's mostly about Rodney, about reconciling the idea of Sam Carter in his head with the reality of Sam Carter standing beside him.

Solitary Pursuit by [ profile] lysora - Sam visits Atlantis and surprises both Rodney and herself. A fascinating study of isolation and loneliness, and the need for human contact, for connection. Sam is struck by the vast emptiness of the city, by the resident's isolation from earth and from the rest of the Pegasus galaxy. But it is Sam who is truly isolated, finding a connection in the close-knit community of Atlantis, that has been eluding her on earth. I love the way Sam and Rodney's relationship is drawn here, not as a grand love, but as a real need for touch, for connection. There is tension between them -- his unrepentent, unsubtle flirting, her casual habit of cutting him down and brushing him off -- but there's no malice in it, just familiarity and a spark of something more.

Five Ways Sam and Rodney Have Sex Because of John by Teaphile - Exactly what it says, five short snippets that are alternately sweet, hilarious and sweetly hilarious.


Claim Her Own Skin by [ profile] reccea - Post-Duet, Laura Cadman feels like a stranger in her own skin and she thinks sex with Rodney is just what she needs in order to get her bearings back. There's a lot of fic dealing with Rodney's feelings in the aftermath of the episode, but [ profile] reccea is one of the only authors I've seen address what Cadman must be feeling. She really gets inside Cadman's head, revealing a kind of frustrated vulnerability that really makes this pairing work.

All Roads Lead by [ profile] trinityofone - Five ways Laura Cadman slept with Rodney McKay. From classic cliches to subtle and nuanced romance, [ profile] trinityofone highlights the many and complex facets of the way McKay and Cadman relate to each other.

Passing Through Gethsemane by [ profile] moonlettuce - This is an interestingly creepy little ficlet written for [ profile] mmom. It's Cadman trying out McKay's body, but where another author might have written pure, fluffy porn, [ profile] moonlettuce recognizes and explores the more disturbing implications of the situation. Really well done, with a really interesting take on Cadman.

Mission Objectives by Teaphile - A fabulously hot little ficlet in which no sex actually appears, just the sudden, overwhelming heat of arousal and the promise of more to come.

Glints in the Night and Commas and Ampersands by [ profile] lallybroch - GUH. So, McKay/Cadman is totally my new favorite place for snarky, smutty het and OMG does this pair of stories fit that bill. As if the snarky, combative sex isn't hot enough, the second story is told from a fabulous voyeuristic John pov that offers tantalizing hints of a promised final installment.
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This is the miscellany set. Three random stories I recced for [ profile] rec50 that are neither het nor McKay/Sheppard and nine Gen stories. All somehow Rodney McKay centric.


Sex Like Math by [ profile] 3jane - This is how Rodney and Radek's relationship should always be: late nights in the lab working in tandem, and then sweet, sloppy, celebratory sex when it all comes together. I love this take on the two of them, they are so in-tune to each other in that way only two people with a shared passion can be. This is geek sex in the best possible way, capturing perfectly the exhileration that comes from innovation.

McKay/Carter/Jonas Quinn

Something To Remember Me By by thekatebeyond - An unusual and fabulously hot threesome, with a Rodney characterization based solely on McKay's SG-1 appearances. This is a Rodney who's not afraid to ask for what he wants. And not above a little gentle manipulation to help things along. The build-up is fast-paced and funny and gloriously in character for all parties and the sex is just incredibly, incredibly hot. thekatebeyond has a definite gift for fast-paced, witty dialogue that really makes the characters come to life.


A Thing Decided (res judica) by [ profile] yin_again - Rodney McKay/Julian Lodge, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard - This is a crossover with the brief-lived Supreme Court drama First Monday, but you don't need to watch the show to read the fic. In fact, it's probably better not to; it's a really, really bad show. So why the crossover? Julian Lodge, senior-clerk to the Chief Justice, is played by Joe Flanigan.

The imminent declassification of the Atlantis project brings a string of dignitaries to Atlantis, including the Chief Justice. Rodney gets roped into diplomatic duty, escorting and briefing Julian Lodge in preparation for the Chief Justice's visit. The attraction between Rodney and Julian is immediate and genuine. Rodney is interested in Julian for himself, not merely because of his uncanny resemblence to John. Nevertheless, Julian's arrival is also the catalyst for a change in John and Rodney's relationship. [ profile] yin_again deftly balances both relationships, creating a compelling triangle with a resolution that is true and fitting for all three characters.

Gen Fic

A McKay Carol by [ profile] amireal - A refreshing antidote to all the "scrooge McKay" fic that seemed so popular last December. There's more than one reason why someone might not share in the Christmas spirit. As the author herself says, I don't necessarily see this happening on Atlantis, but I do see it happening in an aweful lot of holiday-themed stories. By telling the story from John's perspective, [ profile] amireal shows us both sides of the situation, highlighting how easy it is to get so wrapped up in the holiday celebrations that we forget that not everyone shares our joy.

Back to the Old Ways by [ profile] out_there - A fantastic exploration of Rodney's feelings in the aftermath of his time on the Wraith Enzyme. This story was written before The Hive aired, and so the backstory of how Rodney escaped and John and the others were saved has, of course, been quite thoroughly jossed. But I don't think that detracts from the story at all. The details of Rodney's escape are immaterial, the real interest is in what happens next. How do you go back to life as a normal, slightly clumsy scientist when, for a brief stretch of time, you were more powerful than you've ever imagined was possible? [ profile] out_there does a great job of capturing Rodney's ambivilant feelings about the enzyme and the way that effects how he relates to those around him, particularly Ronon and John.

Causal Fault by [ profile] in_wintertime - A fabulous Rodney-centric character study about death and survival in the Pegasus galaxy. A fire in one of the Botony labs leaves two scientists dead and Rodney and the other rescuers high from the fumes. [ profile] in_wintertime's strength is in her vibrant, lyrical prose. She combines gorgeous description and spot-on dialogue to create a striking look inside the changing landscape of Rodney's brain, and at the way the Rodney who came from earth is slowly dying, changing under the weight of the harsh reality of life in Atlantis.

Control by [ profile] trinityofone - There's a fine art to writing a good drabble, and [ profile] trinityofone has mastered it. This is a two part story, 24 drabbles in total covering Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 through Trinity, told first from Rodney's pov and then mirrored from John's. Each 100 word section is tighly written, bereft of all extraneous words; and they're all the more powerful for their sparseness.

The Guy Who Came In From the Cold by [ profile] 01100100 - During his exile to Siberia, Rodney comes to terms with his ignominious departure from the SGC and strikes up an unlikely friendship with Russian scientist, Svetlana Markov. It's a gradual character study, showing Rodney's slowly changing perspective as he adapts to his Russian assignment and comes to terms with his anger at Samantha Carter. 01100100 deftly handles his transition from stubborn defensiveness to grudging self-awareness, paralleled by the slow thawing of his relations with his Russian colleagues. A subtle and lovely story.

Independence by [ profile] laceymcbain - A unique perspective on Rodney and his departure from earth offered by an unusual OC, his cat. It shouldn't work and yet somehow it's perfect. Stylistically this story is perfect. Short, straightforward sentences and a lack of contractions give just a hint of a non-standard pov without overwhelming the story or feeling gimmicky. Sad but in no way sappy, this is a perfect example of how great an experimental and risky to attempt fic can be.

Rescue by [ profile] tigs - When the rest of the team is captured, it's up to Rodney to mount a rescue. Doing so requires him to bluff the natives, cloaking himself in a confidence that he doesn't really feel. [ profile] tigs has a great feel for Rodney's internal voice and her characterization is spot-on. It's a short fic, but wonderfully revealing of Rodney's character and of how he's been changed by his time in the Pegasus galaxy.

This Honour is Generally Bestowed Posthumously by [ profile] spike21 - Trapped in a Wraith coccoon at the end of "No Man's Land," Rodney turns to his favorite coping mechanism, panic. Rodney's alphabetic litany of death is, of course, hilarious, but [ profile] spike21 uses it for much more than mere comic effect. Rodney's babble may sound hysterical, but in reality it's the only thing holding him together. Rodney's internal and external monologue are terrifically written, and Ronon's subtle baiting is wonderfully revealing of how well he really understands his most impossible temmate.

Twenty Four Hours With a Rodneysaur by [ profile] maryavatar with illustrations by [ profile] spaggel - In which Rodney McKay spends 24 hours as a dinosaur. A very small, incredibly cute, dinosaur. The true epitome of Crack!Fic. [ profile] maryavatar takes a completely impossible premise and makes it work. The characters are all still very much themselves, including dino-Rodney, who is sort of the distilled essence of his regular personality. [ profile] spaggel's wonderful artwork is a perfect accompaniment making for a story that's just impossibly adorable.
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And the rest of the McKay/Sheppard recs.

Infinite Probability by [ profile] torakowalski - Accidents and mishaps with Ancient or alien technology are a common feature of SGA fic. [ profile] torakowalski offers a clever take on the standard plot, and provides a lot of angst for Rodney in the process. The gradual reveal of what's going on is well-paced, with the story becoming increasingly unsettling as it unfolds and [personal profile] torakowalski does a great job of capturing Rodney's desperation and frustration as his world spins further and further out of control.

The Last of the Winnebagoes by [ profile] trinityofone - Neither of them really wants to retire, but they’re turning into the Statler and Waldorf of Atlantis, bitching at everybody from a balcony.

That's just such a perfect image of the aged John and Rodney, still snarking at everyone and each other, even as they're shuffled increasingly to the sidelines, obsolete in a galaxy they've come to call home. [ profile] trinityofone recreates the bittersweet feel of the Connie Willis short story from which she takes her title, but tempers it with a tenderness that's all her own, for a perfect understated gem of a story.

Maybe He Didn't by [ profile] kyrieane - Rodney never asks John for anything. John doesn't let that stop him from offering everything. The transition from fuckbuddies to lovers, the moment when a relationship that has been purely physical suddenly becomes something much, much more is one of my favorite fanfic plots. What makes this story stand out from the many others that explore this same theme is the wonderful Rodney pov and [ profile] kyrieane's beautifully evocative language. I love Rodney's pragmatic pessimism about their relationship, and the way that plays into his misinterpretation of John's actions. And I love how open John is, how he lays himself on the line, pushing Rodney into recognizing what they could be together.

neither death, nor exile, nor pain by [ profile] mirabile_dictu - A lovely, lyrical story about isolation, and the comfort that can come from stepping outside the lines every now and then. This story makes me want, with a kind of desperate urgency. I want the way Rodney wants, what Rodney wants, what he and John find together when they step away from their everyday lives. This is a wonderfully sensual story, full of lush descriptions. It's languid, slow-moving, yet powerful, with a wonderful depiction of shared comfort and community.

Old Familiar Sting by [ profile] ladycat777 - This is darkfic at it's best, taking the familiar characters and turning their own worst characteristics against them to chilling effect. This hurts to read, but it hurts because the aching, awful potential is there, hovering around the edges of canon. It hurts because no one's happy, John and Rodney have both lost control of their situation, letting it spin out into something painful and impossible. [ profile] ladycat777 gets inside the mind of the victim, but also the victimizer, making the reader ache for both of them, and for the hopeless, tangled mess they've made of their lives.

Restitution by Stellahobbit - The end of Trinity, with John and Rodney's relationship in tatters, left a perfect opening for fic writers to step in and write make-up sex. Because, really, there's nothing much better. This is a great short, first time fic with a nice characterization of Rodney at his most awkward and uncertain. A nice contrast to all the more serious post-Trinity fic out there.

Revelations by [ profile] stillane - A fabulous look at John and Rodney in the aftermath of Epiphany. This is a wonderfully atmospheric story, full of sharp insights into both men. Epiphany is all about trust, and John's lack thereof. Revelations is all about Rodney, and what John's lack of faith means to him and to his relationship with John. [ profile] stillane's strength is in her tight, descriptive prose and vivid imagery. Every action, every touch is sharp and clear. Absolutely the best kind of post-ep fic.

Said and Unsaid by [ profile] thegrrrl2002 - The heart of John and Rodney's relationship is the way they play off each other, the teasing, the banter, the snark, the give and take. They play off each other fabulously, but it's a volatile mix, so easy for teasing to become genuine annoyance, snark to cross the line into pettiness, banter to turn bitter and angry. In Said and Unsaid, [ profile] thegrrrl2002 offers a fabulous take on the morning after a night that went just that bit too far and reminds us that we fight the hardest with those we love the most and that the best part of a fight is the making up afterwards.

Still Ahead by [ profile] ladycat777 - John finds Rodney marking an anniversary. This is a short, contemplative little piece, the kind of fic that's all talk and no action. And it's beautiful. There's a casual intimacy to Rodney and John's interaction here that just fills me with joy, and a nice bit of Rodney backstory that rings very true.

Stockholm Syndrome (Tearing Down the House) by [ profile] mousewitchy - A mission goes wrong and Rodney is lost. The Rodney characterization here is fabulous and nuanced, the gradual ease with which he falls prey to his doubts never feels false or rushed. As Rodney's perception and memory of events change over the course of the story it's clear that he's being subtly manipulated, but [ profile] mousewitchy holds so closely to Rodney's pov that I still found myself sharing in his uncertainty, and totally able to understand why he comes to believe that he has not been lost, but abandoned, not kidnapped, but left behind.

Theory/Practice by [personal profile] isis - In theory Rodney McKay's life looks very different then it does in practice. I love the format of this story; each contrast between fantasy and reality is tightly drawn and offers a pointed insight into McKay's character. [personal profile] isis's prose is razor-sharp, each word perfectly chosen for maximum effect. The result is a short but intense story that really gets inside the mind of Rodney McKay.

Visual Phallacy by [ profile] z_rayne - Rodney finds a cool piece of Ancient tech, a variation on the Quantum mirror that allows him to observe other realities and, of course, uses it to watch and learn from the other versions of himself. He's expecting scientific insights, but what he discovers is something a whole lot more surprising. A wickedly hot bit of cross-dimensional voyeurism.

What It Gives by [ profile] mmmchelle - On the eve of leaving for his first posting, newly-minted Air Force officer John Sheppard makes his first trip to a gay bar. He's not looking for anything more than an anonymous fuck, one taste of the forbidden before he ships out. What he finds is Rodney McKay, an opinionated Canadian grad student with whom he has nothing and everything in common. They only have one night together, but that one night will effect the rest of their lives. The premise is a classic in the fandom, but [ profile] mmmchelle makes it feel fresh and real. Her characterizations are fabulous, it's easy to imagine these two young men growing up into the John and Rodney we see in canon. [ profile] mmmchelle takes an intense (and incredibly hot) extended one-night stand and fleshes it out with a richness and emotional depth that makes the sex all the hotter for the intimacy it implies.

Within Reach by [ profile] ficbyzee - When John is killed on a mission, Rodney has trouble dealing with his grief. And when John starts showing up in his dreams, he bceomes increasingly convinced that John isn't dead at all. This fic just makes me so happy every time I read it. It's an emotional rollercoaster of a fic, heartbreaking in some places, hilarious in others. Yet somehow [ profile] ficbyzee manages to keep it all in balance, Although this fic is very much about Rodney and John, she makes great use of the entire extended Atlantis cast, particularly Elizabeth in her twin roles as a colleague and as a friend.
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I still have a couple more het SGA sets I'm working on, but it's looking like those won't be done until the weekend, so I thought I'd break the pattern a bit and post all the rest of my recs from [ profile] rec50.

I'll start with the McKay/Sheppard recs. Split into two posts because there were a lot of them.

80 Proof and Pier 8 by [ profile] lyra_sena - Yet another teenage John and Rodney story. Don't ask me why -- it's never been my thing in any other fandom -- but I absolutely love reading about teenaged versions of these two. Here, John and Rodney meet on a beach, where John is lifeguarding and Rodney's been dragged along for his last family vacation before college. There's an awkward pickup and even more awkward sex and it's hot and sweet and charmingly angst-free, the perfect fanfic antidote to a long, hard day.

264 Hours by [ profile] scribblinlenore - A fabulous post-Siege story. Sleep deprivation and insomnia, the remnants of desperate frantic fear, impossible desire and anger, fierce and tight, all conspiring to drive Rodney more than a little around the bend. One of the best descriptions of insomnia I've ever read, full of that frantic, buzzing, exhausted energy that comes when your body simply refuses to shut down on cue. Sleep deprivation brings all Rodney's issues to the foreground, finally culminating in a confrontation that is everything I could ever want in a post-Siege fic. [ profile] scribblinlenore has a gift for well-crafted turns of phrase, packing sharp emotional punches into deceptively simple sentences. Really just a terrific story.

And Sometimes You Get Toasters by [ profile] giddygeek - It's McKay and Sheppard the screwball comedy, all witty banter and improbably situations and somewhere in the middle of it all, John and Rodney fall for each other. [ profile] giddygeek's strength is in her dialogue, and not just for John and Rodney. Everyone's dialogue is sharp and snappy and simply crackles with a wonderful kind of manic energy. Although the emphasis is on the humor of life in the Pegasus galaxy, it's the undercurrent of concern and awareness of the peril of their situation that really carries the story.

As Well as Valor by [ profile] trinityofone - Rodney McKay was a quiet child, polite and deferential, careful not to take out his frustration with their slowness on those around him. [ profile] trinityofone takes a fascinating premise and turns it into a richly revealing backstory and recounting of Rodney's evolution from a scrupulously well-behaved child prodigy into the loud-mouthed and acerbic genius we all know and love.

Burn, Baby, Burn by [ profile] spacebabe - This is a hard story to define. It's an atmospheric piece, driven more by emotion than plot, with a slow-building intensity that colors every word. Hot, stifling weather, low hanging clouds obscuring the horizon, sweltering winds that bring no relief, [ profile] spacebabe creates a palpable state of emotional and environmental tension. The imagery is rich and evocative and the parallel between Rodney's physical and emotional states is perfectly drawn.

Close Only Counts in Horseshoes and Hand Grenades by [ profile] smittywing - Rodney McKay never does anything by halves, so of course he would raise denial to an artform. Because as long as nothing he does with John "counts" he can pretty much postpone his gay freak-out indefinitely. I love the episodic nature of this story, by skipping from encounter to encounter [ profile] smittywing maximizes both the hot, fabulous sex and the perfectly-paced emotional arc, as she builds to an ending that is sweet and happy and just utterly perfect.

Currency by [ profile] siegeofangels - Rodney McKay's time is a valuable commodity. Or at least he thinks it should be. [ profile] siegeofangels follows a post-it note labeled "THIS NOTE MAY BE EXCHANGED FOR THIRTY MINUTES OF RODNEY MCKAY'S TIME" through the Atlantis barter system, until it finally reaches the hands of someone willing to cash it in. A clever premise makes for a sweet, funny story, and the three alternate endings are all utterly perfect.

The Dark Side by [personal profile] astolat - A Star Wars AU. Rodney McKay is the crankiest Jedi knight ever and John Sheppard is quite possibly the worst Sith Lord ever. Rodney is unusual for a Jedi. Possessed of no connection whatsoever to the natural world, he makes up for it with an unparralled ability to interact with anything mechanical. And it's Rodney's mechanical aptitude Sheppard needs, in order to repair his damaged ship, the Atlantis. Their battle of wills, of dark vs. light, adds an extra dimension to the already complex mix of antagonism and attraction that characterizes John and Rodney's relationship. Seamlessly weaving John and Rodney into the mythos of the Star Wars universe, [personal profile] astolat creates a delightfully memorable AU, grounded in strong characterizations and ever-faithful to the spirit of both universes.

Entanglement by [ profile] linaerys - A fantastic AU of the classic Hitchcock film Notorious, written for the [ profile] reel_sga challenge. Just post WWII, John Sheppard is the estranged son of a convicted Nazi spy and Rodney McKay is the government scientist who recruits him to spy against his father's associates in Brazil. John is captivating as the dissolute and loose-living Miami rent boy, but it's Rodney, awkwardly out of his depth in both his personal and professional relationships with John, who gives the story it's emotional center. [ profile] linaerys does a terrific job of adapting Atlantis characters and technology into the plot while keeping the story very much grounded in it's post WWII setting.

Everything Except Temptation by [ profile] amireal - [ profile] amireal once again takes a classic fandom trope and turns it on it's head, emphasizing the serious consequences over the smutty goodness. It's a classic "Alien Aphrodisiac" plot, with John the one drugged, and Rodney the sober, but tempted roommate. But [ profile] amireal doesn't follow the standard plot from arousal to token resistance to hot sex. Instead, she confronts head on the consent and control issues inherent in the cliche and by acknowledging and subverting them is able to still arrive at a satisfyingly happy ending.

Experience by [personal profile] resonant - 16-year old Rodney McKay has one goal for his senior year, to get some experience before going off to college. When the more traditional trappings of high school relationships fail him, he turns to the new kid, John, for some mutual experimentation. [personal profile] resonant's version of teenaged Rodney is hilarious, and yet incredibly believable. He's the distilled essence of the adult Rodney McKay, all brash, self-absorbed confidence fast-paced non-stop thoughts, and utter and complete cluelessness about the people around him. He's a teenaged mack truck and John never knows what hit him. This is a sweet, funny, realistic take on first-tinme sex, with a poignant ending and a wonderful grasp of the messy emotional cluelessness of teenaged boys.

Experiment by [personal profile] resonant - I love this kind of short established-relationship one-shot and [personal profile] resonant has a true gift for them. The sense of wonder, the sense of discovery in a relationship doesn't end after the first night, or the first month and for me this ficlet really captures that feeling. I love Rodney's sense of wonder, the thrill he gets from experimenting and testing and pushing boundaries, and I love seeing that translated into his relationship with John. Hot and sweet, a perfect little slice of smutty goodness.

Forbidden Fruit by [ profile] cupidsbow - Quite possibly the hottest PG-13 fic you will ever read. Seriously. This story is hotter than most of the actual porn I see posted on a daily basis. John chooses a very hot and very public, yet totally deniable way to finally seduce Rodney. You may never look at a mango the same way again. Rodney certainly won't.

Fractured Fairytales by [ profile] amireal - A great meta-take on John and Rodney's relationship, using the events of "The Hive" as a jumping off point. Rodney is not the princess in the tower, and theirs is not a fairytale relationship. [ profile] amireal takes a clever structural conceit and incorporates it seamlessly into the story, creating a sweetly fulfilling and insightful episode coda that delivers a slice of reality much more satisfying than any fairytale happy ending.

Guy Stuff by [ profile] lamardeuse - SG-1 visits Atlantis and John gets caught up in flyboy bonding with Colonel Mitchell. Rodney is not amused. This is just a happy fic, light and funny and a just a little bit silly. There's a great sweet moment between Rodney and Sam in the middle and the mental image of John when he shows up to apologize is guaranteed to make you smile.
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I've been inspired to do some het recs of late. I have two more in the works after this one.

This set is fifteen recs, all featuring Elizabeth Weir. I recced two of these stories previously on [ profile] rec50


Thirty-one Steps by [ profile] alyse - Elizabeth and Radek are so often the ones left behind while John and Rodney and co. go off to be heroes, it's nice to see the home guard being the heroes for a change. The palpable sense of exhaustion and worn desperation that comes through in this story is wonderful and I love the comfortable feeling of Elizabeth and Radek's interaction, as if this is something they've done in various ways many times before.

Not Okay by [ profile] linaerys - A nice look at Elizabeth in the immediate aftermath of The Storm/The Eye. I love fic that deals with the emotional repercussions of the events in an episode and this is a particularly good example. It's a quiet piece, with great characterizations and some real well thought out backstory for both Elizabeth and Radek.

Spindrift by [ profile] alyse - A lovely, perfect moment between Elizabeth and Radek post-Grace Under Pressure. [ profile] alyse is a wonderfully sensory author, conjuring up such a vivid image of Atlantis that I can almost hear the sound of the waves against Atlantis, feel the wet breeze off the ocean, can almost see Elizabeth and Radek, heads bent together, talking in the rain.

A Certain Shore by [ profile] shetiger - A quiet little established relationship ficlet set after Grace Under Pressure. Sometimes admitting our weaknesses is a form of bravery in itself. I love the understated way [ profile] shetiger hints at the depth of Radek and Elizabeth's relationship here, so much is going on under the surface of this story, it's fascinating.

Atonement by [ profile] linaerys - A post-Allies AU (written prior to the airing of season 3) with Elizabeth and Radek on the Daedelus chasing the Hive ships to earth. It's darker than the show ended up going, but very believable, [ profile] linaerys employs a deft way with words to peel away the layers of Elizabeth, showing the weight of her responsibilities and the pressure of trying to hold onto a precarious position of power when everything seems to be crumbling around her.

Enlightenment by [ profile] shetiger - A soft, sweet little story. Radek always manages to surprise Elizabeth, slipping under her defenses. I love Elizabeth's perspective on Radek here, it's a lovely insight into him and into what draws them together.


Visiting Hours by [ profile] regann - I never expected to rec this pairing. I never expected to care about this pairing. My interest can entirely be blamed on this fic. This story made me care for Caldwell in a way the show has never quite replicated. This fic is mostly gen. It's Caldwell in the aftermath of Critical Mass -- fabulously done -- and for that alone I love it. But I'm including it here because the hints of Weir/Caldwell pre-ship here are what made the pairing -- and Weir and Caldwell's relationship in general -- finally come together for me. It's the reason I went on to read any other stories about these two at all.

Permission by [ profile] lamardeuse - Made AU by the beginning of season 3, this post-Allies story still holds a place close to my heart. This isn't how it went, but it's an alternate path that reads very believably. The relationship here is nicely developed, but not over-explained, with much left unsaid in the space between scenes. In my head I remember this story as much longer than it actually is, which is a compliment to [ profile] lamardeuse's incredibly tight prose. She creates a full and complete universe and an episode's worth of character development in less than 2000 perfectly crafted words.

Draw by [ profile] regann - A companion piece to Conversion, Weir and Caldwell play games with each other. In more ways than one. Chess is the perfect metaphor for their relationship, and [personal profile] regann wields it deftly, it's competition yes, but also companionship, two strong players facing off against, but also making time for, each other.


Six Nights by [ profile] kylielee1000 - Offworld assisting in disaster relief, Carson and Elizabeth find comfort, and a measure of peace, in each other. This is a beautiful story, melancholy and intense with a subtle, perfect transition from friendship to romance. I like this depiction of Elizabeth and Carson. They are not always in agreement and they're well-aware of each other's faults, but they're drawn together despite their differences into a relationship that is at first merely passion, but becomes something much more.


The Gift of Gravity by [ profile] wisdomeagle - Weir/McKay - A fabulous, smutty bit of hurt/comfort. While back on earth after the Siege, Rodney gets some difficult news, made all the more upsetting for the fact that it's six months old, and the only number he can think to call is Elizabeth. It starts with a death, but this is very much a story about life and renewal and the need for connection. [ profile] wisdomeagle's prose is simple yet evocative, sketching out Rodney's pain and his relationship with Elizabeth in just a few tight sentences that nevertheless convey a world of emotion.

Don't Forget to Breathe by [ profile] khohen1 - Weir/McKay - A lovely first time story, set just post-The Storm/The Eye. Rodney behaves differently with Elizabeth than with anyone else we see him interact with. He still argues and pushes boundaries, but there's an undercurrent of respect and almost reverence in the way he behaves towards her that is quite unusual for him. But Elizabeth is different around Rodney too, even when she's chastizing him, there's a rich undercurrent of respect and care. [ profile] khohen1 captures both sides of their relationship beautifully to create a perfect aftermath for the events of The Storm/The Eye.


Senses by [ profile] tielan - Five vignettes exploring Elizabeth's changing perceptions of Ronon. This is a wonderfully sensual story. [ profile] tielan uss the five senes format to great effect, creating five vividly detailed slices of time.


The Homecoming King by [ profile] zeplum - A Lorne's-eye view of Atlantis, set around The Lost Boys. The characterization of Lorne and his attraction to Elizabeth is perfect, but what really makes the story is Lorne's perspective on the expedition as a whole. "The Island of Misfit Toys," he calls them. And it's such an utterly perfect description of Atlantis that I have shamelessly adopted it as my own.


One to Let Go by [ profile] smittywing - An unlikely pairing, but [ profile] smittywing makes it work. Marshall Sumner really comes to life here, in a way he never has the chance to in canon. He and Elizabeth both are complex, three-dimensional and fully adult characters here and the unexpected romance between them, in the last days before the departure for Atlantis, is a true delight to read.
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Rodney/Teyla is one of those pairings that just shouldn't work. And yet, I love it with a fierce, fierce love. There's something about the combination of the two of them, his brash, blunt awkwardness, her serene calm and fierce demeanor, that just makes me melt. Reading about them just makes me happy, and here are some of the stories that make me happiest. Most of these are short; It's not a pairing that seems to lead itself to long epics. At least not yet, although I'd love forever the author who could write one and make it work *g*

Four of these recs were originally posted on [ profile] rec50. My other rec50 recs will also be crossposted here, but I have a few more I want to fit into other sets I had going, before I just crosspost the lot of them.

Catharsis by [ profile] tigs - Teyla is having a bad day and everyone else is steering well clear, but Rodney can't bring himself to leave well enough alone. Despite their disparate personalities, I've always gotten an impression of mutual respect, if slight befuddlement, from Teyla and Rodney, which makes for an intriguing and unusual friendship. A friendship that [ profile] tigs captures wonderfully here. There's a gentle sweetness to their interaction, a mutual caution and tenderness that never fails to bring a smile to my face.

Snowfall by [ profile] tigs - Sometimes an author captures the feeling of a moment so perfectly that you can almost feel it as you're reading. This fic always leaves me craving hot cocoa. Even on the hottest summer day. It's a perfect little Rodney/Teyla, sweetly awkward the way new relationships so often are, as well as a nice insight into Rodney's relationship with his past.

5 Kisses by [ profile] tigs - Five vignettes. Five kisses. Each one an utterly perfect little snapshot of time. I just love this fic beyond measure, it has a little bit of everything I adore about Rodney/Teyla: awkwardness, tenderness, exuberance and a sultry hotness that just leaves me breathless.

Perseverance by [ profile] purple_cube - Teyla struggles to teach Rodney self-defense. And Rodney struggles with the need to learn self-defense. A charming little ficlet.

These Things Happen in Stages: Four Kisses That Didn’t Count, and One That Did by [ profile] bibliotech - The evolution of a relationship, from friendship into something else, shown in five brief moments. I love the slow building of their relationship here, from accident to intent. Each kiss is a self-contained moment in time, but also a natural progression from the previous kiss.

Defined by [ profile] duskyfox - I love stories about the Atlantis characters' families, but what I love even more are stories about how, over their time in the Pegasus galaxy, the Atlantis crew, particularly the senior staff, have become a family to each other. [ profile] dustyfox combines the two types of family in this lovely, understated story. During a trip to earth, Rodney invites Teyla along on a visit to his sister Jeannie. The casual intimacy between Rodney and Teyla makes for a sharp contrast with the more strained relationship between Rodney and his sister and highlights how much Rodney has been changed by his time on Atlantis.

Shadows Before the Dawn by [ profile] the_moonmoth - A lovely bit of future fic about survival in wartime. Although Rodney is the pov character, this fic is really all about Teyla and I love this version of her. A bit tarnished perhaps by years of fighting the wraith, but still herself, still holding to her moral center in a bloody and brutal galaxy.

Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained by [ profile] ladyjax - Rodney McKay and romance are not the easiest of friends, but he isn't entirely hopeless. This is a tiny little fic, but it's just lovely.

Queen of Quiet by [ profile] pearl_o - Atlantis was a home for those without homes. Everything I could ever want from a piece of SGA fic is summed up right there in that one line. This is exactly how I see Teyla fitting in among the Lanteans. It's full of brilliantly built up bits of backstory and sharp insights into her relationships with her teammates. The episodic style really works well, little glimpses of everyday life that build together into a intimate and nuanced picture of Teyla's place in Atlantis.

Necessity by [ profile] ozsaur - A short and intense and insanely hot little ficlet. I really can't any more without giving it away, but definitely worth a read.

Unexpected Compassion by [ profile] tielan - A quietly perfect Rodney/Teyla coda to Critical Mass. [ profile] tielan's Rodney pov is lovely. Awkward but sincere, he's the perfect antidote for Teyla's grief, his concern for his teammate shining through even when he's tripping over his own tongue. I love how Teyla and Rodney relate to each other here, there's mutual respect yet also a sweet awkwardness from both of them that I just love.

Pyrotechnics by [ profile] monanotlisa - Sweetly awkward seems to be how I describe a lot of Rodney/Teyla, but really that's the heart of what I love about them. Rodney's awkward and fumbling, but Teyla has the patience to see past that to the sincerity underneath. This is one of those ficlets that just makes me smile every time I read it.

One of These Days by [ profile] shusu - While there's a lot of slash kink in SGA fandom, good het kink can be much harder to come by. This is fabulous kink. Hot, tense D/s, with Teyla on top and a real, believable take on Rodney and Teyla's relationship. [ profile] shusu captures that feeling of fond exasperation Rodney so often inspires in those who care for him and her characterization of Teyla -- loving, but more than willing to call Rodney on his bad behavior -- is just perfect.
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A vid rec. In a reverse of my usual I'm mirroring this post both here and in my regular journal, rather than posting it there and then linking to it from here. Because I can. And because I love this vid so so very much.

This is How it Works by [personal profile] lim

This vid is just amazing. I can't stop watching it; it's crawled under my skin and taken up residence. I've lost count of the number of times I've watched it. I'd lost count the first day I downloaded it. I had to track down a copy of the song because I couldn't get it out of my head.

The song is "On the Radio" by Regina Spektor.

The fandom is Stargate: Atlantis.

The story is [personal profile] synecdochic's amazing fic Freedom's Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose.

Yes, it's a vid of a fic. Sort of. It's more a thematic accompaniment, a riff on the same themes. You don't have to have read the fic to enjoy the vid either. While it's certainly enhanced by knowledge of what inspired it, it most definitely stands on it's own.

It's a perfect song choice A song about memory and about the passage of time, with a wonderful rhythmic quality that really carries the story along. Synced to the song is a running tally of numbers, flashing in and out too fast to really see: a background hum, a heart beat, time running out, the story that happens in the margins.

The numbers carry the story, and also serve as the foundation for the style of the vid. And this is a very stylized vid. It's an explosion of effects. But the effects never overwhelm the story, but rather they tell the story. The story is one of time, and of the past. John and Rodney's is a relationship seen through the hazy filter of memory, and the effects -- colors and fades and freezes, scribbles of text across the screen -- all help create the feel of a story told from a distance, scraps of time making up a much larger whole, little moments that become memorable only in retrospect.

Lim makes particularly great use of her effects in her transitions. There is one sequence in particular that hits me in the gut every time I watch it. It breaks my heart just a little bit. And then the ending puts it back together for me.

I just cannot rec this vid hard enough. I keep trying to be coherent, but I think I've run out of words beyond *point* and *flail* and *OMG EFFECTS* So I'll let the vid speak for itself.
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Part two of the kink recs.

C9H13NO3 by [ profile] spike21 - John/Rodney. Bondage. Rodney doesn't really like to be tied up. It's just adrenaline making him squirm like that. Really, he swears! Snarky, kinky smut. And really, isn't that the best kind?

At Gunpoint by [ profile] out_there - John/Rodney. Weapons-kink. Competent, armed Rodney, ordering John around. This hits SO many of my buttons.

Competence, Come Around and Bound by [ profile] coreopsis - John/Rodney. Bondage. mild D/s. I love this series because it works up to the bondage gradually. Rodney puts the option out there from the beginning, but lets John come around to it in his own time, slowly integrating the kink into the relationship.

Creating a Monster by [ profile] wolfshark - John/Rodney. mild D/s. A really great Rodney pov. For me, submissive Rodney is all about turning off his brain for a little while and [ profile] wolfshark captures that feeling perfectly.

Data Set, Truth Table, Syllogism and Sum of All Parts by [ profile] blueraccoon - John/Rodney. D/s, bondage. Fisting in the last part. Rodney knows what John needs even better than John does. Pure relationship-driven smut. I have a real thing for submissive John and this definitely scratches that itch.

Drift Away by [ profile] mmmchelle - John/Rodney. Fisting. That need to be filled, to take everything your partner has to give, gets me every time. Such GUH.

The Top of The List by [ profile] helenish - John/Rodney. Rough Sex. John likes it rough sometimes. Rodney's not sure what he thinks about that. I love watching a nervous/uncertain top discover what he's capable of. And god, John is hot when he's fucked up.

Up Against the Ropes Again by [ profile] ladycat777 and [ profile] wolfshark - John/Rodney. Rough sex. D/s. Seriously fucked up submissive John. Oh my GOD this is hot. John is so fucked up, but he knows it, and by going to Rodney for what he needs he's getting much more than he consciously bargained for. [ profile] wolfshark and [ profile] ladycat777 really get the trust issues that are so important in good D/s, and it's that -- the intensity of the relationship beneath the intensity of the sex -- that really makes this story.

The Pure Sex of It by [ profile] mmmchelle - Elizabeth/Norina. Elizabeth deserves some good casual sex. And this? This is really really good. Straightforward and hot and just a little bit dirty.

Rent Boy AU series: Best Seller, No Such Thing as a Freebie, What If, Pool Boy and Spots on My Apples by [ profile] shusu - John/Rodney. John/lots and lots of OCs. Rent-boy John AU. Slutty, touch-hungry, bottoming John refined to a perfection and a seriously messed-up relationship with Rodney in which they're both in way over their heads. [profile] shusu keeps adding installments and this series just keeps getting better and better.

Friday Morning Sex Variety by [ profile] 30toseoul - John/Rodney. Five disconnected sexy, smutty scenes, all a little bit kinky. A bit of mild D/s. Voyeurism. Public sex. And the bookporn that melted my brain. GUH.

Taste Test and Nouvelle Cuisine by [ profile] wickedwords - Orgy fic with a focus on John/Rodney. I have a terrible weakness for a well-done orgy fic. Because the terrible truth is that orgy fic is hard, keeping the sex hot and the characters interesting can be a bitch. But this is fabulous. It's character-driven orgy-fic.

Feeding Frenzy by [personal profile] astolat - Everyone/Everyone. Pure porn. Seriously folks, this is PURE PORN. And God is it hot. With a fabulous and funny John pov and lots and lots (and lots) of bottoming John, which is my major weakness in this fandom.

I also recced some of my favorite SGA kink fic in my smaller multifandom kink post here.
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This started as a set of recs from the Cuff ‘Em, Vamp ‘Em, or Just Make ‘Em Come Already Kink and Cliché Multi-Fandom Challenge. Only I was slow in getting it done. And then I kept adding older stories I loved and it grew.

And it maybe got a little out of control.

This is smut.

And kink.

All SGA. Mostly but NOT all McKay/Sheppard.

Reviews are shorter than usual, because I tend to have less to say about PWPs which most of these are. Please take the "Holy fucking GUH" as a given for all of them.

Split into two posts because it got long and I'd rather split than cut.

Submission by [ profile] kbk - Teyla/Ronon. Fisting. Every bit as hot as that sounds, and then some. Short and intense.

Now and Later by [ profile] blueraccoon - John/Rodney. Spanking fic, with just a hint of D/s. John likes to make Rodney stop thinking for a while. And really, who wouldn't when the results are this hot?

Pier Glass Reflection by [ profile] wickedwords - John/Rodney. Seriously hot mirror-kink and a clever, slow-reveal style. The characterizations and the banter are what really make this fic.

Signal to Noise Ratio and Alternate Frequency by [ profile] yin_again - John/Rodney with suggestions of Lorne/Parrish. Phone sex, Atlantis style. Scorchingly hot with a voyeuristic twist. Two tellings of the same scene.

Tantra by [ profile] ladycat777 - John/Rodney. The Post-Conversion kink fic of doom. John needs to relax and allow himself to heal. Rodney has a few ideas for hot to help. Bondage, D/s, sensory deprivation, toys. You name it, it's in here, all tangled up with a healthy dose of John's trust and control issues.

Interlude: Still Life, With Rope by [personal profile] casspeach - Sheppard/Lorne. D/s. The latest section of the mind-meltingly hot Chain of Command series. Japanese Rope Bondage and all sorts of command and control issues.

No Anarchy in the Universe by [ profile] z_rayne - John/Rodney. Anonymous sex. John's just looking for a quick, anonymous fuck, what he gets is something much more complicated and much more appealing. Incredibly, insanely hot. There are also two alternate sequels, Systems and Gradation by [ profile] z_rayne and In His Sphere by [ profile] filenotch

V for Victory by [ profile] maribouquet - Teyla/herself. Words have power and Teyla is always willing to claim hers. This is hot and fierce and fabulous, just like Teyla. Not strictly kinky, but I think it fits here nonetheless.

Experiment by [personal profile] resonant - John/Rodney. Rodney likes to experiment. All of Rodney's substantial intelligence, entirely focused on finding new and novel ways to make John come. Yeah, that's hot.

Shed Your Skin by [ profile] seperis - Post-Conversion. John in transition and restraints. Because you pretty much have to tie John down to get him to let someone else take care of him. Luckily, Rodney doesn't have any scruples about that.

Uncharted Territories by [ profile] the_pouncer - John/Rodney. Post-Condemned bondage fic -- and how much do I love that that's almost it's own genre in this fandom? The best kind of post-episode fic, a perfect mix of hot sex and emotional closure for the episode.

Something Interesting by [ profile] wesleygirl - John/Rodney. Complete PWP -- with a vibrator. Oh, holy HELL this is so many kinds of hot.
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Why I Worship at the Feet of Nindulgence and You Should Too

[ profile] nindulgence has a true gift for prose, her every sentence is diamond-sharp, her every word carefully chosen. She doesn't write many long stories. She doesn't need to. With never a word wasted she can convey as much in 500 words as another author might in 5000. There's a wonderful variety to Nin's stories. But from the lightest humor to the darkest angst everything she writes reads as real and honest and true. And that, I think, is the highest praise I can offer any writer.

I have the great fortune to share my two biggest fandoms with Nin. She's written a remarkable range of Horatio Hornblower fic, all of which I recommend heartily, and recently she has begun to write Stargate: Atlantis fic, filling my life with great, great glee.

All of Nin's fic can be found in her memories here organized by fandom and type. Go, explore, read. NinFic really does make the world a better place. And if you want a place to start, here are some of my absolute favorites:

Horatio Hornblower

From the Notebook of Myrtle Beddington: - The shared universe of Fictional Scholarship is one of the cornerstones of Hornblower fandom. Here, Nin weighs in with one of the "lost erotic poems" of Archie Kennedy, and accompanying scholarly commentary. Taken together, they are a perfect example of Nin's two greatest strengths: her stunning turns of phrase and her sparkling wit.

The Mer-King - Another piece of poetry, the laudanum-induced scribblings of the unfortunate Midshipman Wellard. Not only is it a gorgeous poem, it's a gorgeously in-character poem, a perfect-mix of hallucinatory imagery and fumbling adolescent angst.

An Unexceptionable Acquaintance - In a trebble written for the [ profile] hh100 Pastiche challenge, Nin channels Georgette Heyer and introduces the most formidable personage of Edrington's mama. And she is perfect. Scrupulously correct in manner and tone, she's the very picture of the upstanding regency matron and she could have walked off the page of one of Ms Heyer's finest.

His - I don't normally rec drabbles, because there's just not enough to say. But for Nin I make an exception. This is just so right. And so painful. It's Archie and Simpson in a nutshell. So perfect that I swear this happened just off screen on the Justinian in The Even Chance/The Duel.

Red Tide - Matthews and Styles perspective of the dark days aboard the Renown. An uncannily effective use of biblical symbolism.

Dribble - Edrington. Butter. And the best opening line ever. A true drabble.

Taken Aback - A small act of kindness aboard the Justinian. Nin illuminates both the desperate atmosphere of fear that pervades the ship and the way that fear magnifies the significance of even the simplest, most human gestures.

Afraid To Call It Love - Three sailors, a beach and... that would be telling *g*. Seriously, this story is a best if you know as little as possible about it going in. A short, sweet, post-Kingston LKU full of witty banter, keen character insights and the cleverly nuanced writing Nin does so well. An absolute must-read.

Ellipsis - Horatio finds Archie's diary. There is just so much between the lines in this story. The little hints of Archie's past. All the things the diary doesn't say that come through loud and clear anyway. And woven through it all, a thread of mutual longing and regret that just breaks my heart.

At Dawn - An early morning duel and a wonderful bit of insight into Edrington. The last line absolutely makes this story.

Misgiving - And here Nin breaks my heart into itty bitty pieces. And then stomps on it. And, god love her, I just want to go back for more. This is Archie's death, and his last scrawled letter to Horatio, as seen and read by William. And it will break your heart. And yet you will love her for it.

Anniversary - A different kind of post-Kennedy fic, It's seemingly a normal day on the Hotspur, except somehow it's not. The Captain's twitchy and foul-tempered, the First Lieutenant's keeping his distance, the crew members who've known the Captain longest are exchanging knowing looks and Midshipman Orrock wants desperately to know why. It's a clever perspective that makes a simple story something much more.

Hellespont - Here, she turns her eye on Archie Kennedy and the Earl of Edrington. A perfect snapshot in time, Hellespont offers a glimpse into Archie and Edrington's relationship; everything they have and a few things that never will be. A gorgeous story that will simply take your breath away.

Baser Impulses - Nin neatly turns fanon convention on its head and turns it into this perfect little gem of a story. Archie Kennedy is only human. And when he gives in to his baser impulses he finds that the seemingly-perfect Horatio Hornblower is only human as well. Nin does some clever playing with roles here contrasting Archie's casually impetuousness with Horatio's rarer -- and much more dangerous -- risktaking.

Honing - A terrific bit of backstory for the unusally charged relationship between Captains Pellew and Foster in The Fire Ships. I really believe in these younger versions of the characters.

Namesake - Edrington is a fascinating character, and the dearth of canon information about him gives fic writers a wonderful freedom to extrapolate his past and his future . Here, Nin gives us the young not-yet-Earl of Edrington and a friend, waking up of a Sunday morning. Light and happy, like a single brilliant ray of sunlight, this story just glows. A delightfully subtle crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean that does credit to both fandoms.

Stargate: Atlantis

Wormhole X-Treme! II - An absolutely hysterical piece of multimedia fic created for the [ profile] sga_flashfic Documentation challenge. Introducing "Wormhole X-treme II: Space Vampires from Beyond the Galaxy!". From the hilariously perfect casting to the caustic user comments to the absolutely priceless trivia, Nin's spoof IMDB page is a true work of art.

Hands-On Science - This wonderful gem of a story was written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic school challenge. Years before Atlantis, John and Rodney meet up during concurrent field trips to the Ontario Science Centre. The Rodney McKay tour of the museum is a treat -- for John and for Nin's readers -- and the glimpse of John and Rodney's high school selves, is fascinating and revelatory. Nin's prose just sparkles, it's tight and witty and deliciously in-character. I can really believe that these two grew up into the John and Rodney we know and love.

This Isn't Happening, You Say? - Wraith poetry. No, really. Creepy and effective.

Stargate SG1

Ritual - A humorous send-up of the classic "Aliens Made Them Do It" story, as told from the perspective of one of the aliens in question. The scenario is cracktastically fabulous, but what makes the story truly great is the wonderful outsider perspective of the SG1 team (handily identified by our pov character as Grumpy, Curious, Calm and Thoughtful) and their unique form of interpersonal communication.

Harry Potter

Run to Earth - A sonnet. Nin manages to capture everything I love about Remus and Sirius in 14 short lines. Shivery and intense and just gorgeous.
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SGA fandom is a hotbed of fabulous gen fic: from short scenes to long, plotty epics. Here, I wanted to rec some of my favorite longer gen stories to come out of the fandom.

Hands on Science by [ profile] nindulgence - Nin is absolutely one of my favorite writers in all of fandom and I am thrilled that she's writing a bit of SGA now. This wonderful gem of a story was written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic school challenge. Years before Atlantis, John and Rodney meet up during concurrent field trips to the Ontario Science Centre. The Rodney McKay tour of the museum is a treat -- for John and for Nin's readers -- and the glimpse of John and Rodney's high school selves, is fascinating and revelatory. Nin's prose just sparkles, it's tight and witty and deliciously in-character. I can really believe that these two grew up into the John and Rodney we know and love.

Be My Homeward Dove by [ profile] harriet_spy - I love stories that flesh out the time the command team spends back on earth after the Siege and this has quickly become one of my favorite stories to take place during that time. After his promotion ceremony, the others take John out for a celebratory dinner, but it only serves to remind them all how little they fit in on earth anymore. Where they do fit -- how they fit -- is with each other. This is a sweet, gentle story about the bond between John, Rodney and Elizabeth. It's cozy and comfortable and happy in a way these three so rarely get to be.

Synaesthesia by [ profile] alyse - In the aftermath of Conversion, John struggles to readjust to his changing body. In a perfect complement to their concern during the episode, each of his team members finds their own way to help him with his slow return to self. Alyse's prose is as sharp and sensual as John's bug-enhanced senses, capturing every aspect of John's gradual reverse transformation. The varied responses of those around him and John's own muddled reaction to his change infuse the story with a restless tension. It is Ronon and Rodney and Teyla who cut through that tension, grounding the story and grounding Sheppard, guiding him back to himself.

Eurydice Turns Left by [ profile] vee_fic - A terrific long and plotty team adventure story. A mission gone rapidly wrong leaves John, Rodney, Teyla and several excellent OCs captured and Atlantis scrambling to mount a rescue mission. The alien culture is fresh and original, but the real enemy in this story is time. Time and the mountain around them. This story reminds me of nothing so much as those non-fiction books about lost hikers and snow-bound mountain climbers surviving against impossible odds. It's a tale of endurance and group resilience, the most basic of human drama. The characters and their predicament are engaging and sharply drawn and the story vibrates with a real tangible sense of urgency, of the danger they're all in.

Finagle's Quake by [ profile] neonhummingbird - An earthquake traps Rodney and Teyla in the ruins of an ancient lab and things only go downhill from there. Of all the complicated dynamics of Atlantis' main team, the relationship between Teyla and Rodney is one that is only rarely addressed on the show or in fic. There's an interesting chemistry between them, they complement each other in unexpected ways and prove to be really good together in a crisis. Although the story is told entirely from Rodney's pov, [ profile] neonhummingbird does a terrific job of portraying not only his and Teyla's predicament but the difficulties of their would-be-rescuers as well. The plot is tense and twisty, a high-adrenaline read with a strong, but never sappy emotional core.

The Jenny Code by [ profile] miss_porcupine - [ profile] miss_porcupine is the queen of plotty, character-driven gen an this is without a doubt the jewel in her crown. [ profile] miss_porcupine's strength is in her depth of military knowledge which gives a distinctive tone and realism to her descriptions of Atlantis' military population. The Jenny Code is not only as a fabulous portrait of the Atlantis mission in crisis mode, but also a shockingly realistic extrapolation of just how far the Genii might go to get back at Atlantis. What I love most about this fic though is the format; it's the story of an away mission gone bad, but the action is all off screen. What we see instead are the briefings and strategic planning taking place back on Atlantis throughout and following the off-screen crisis. The characterizations are excellent throughout, with Lorne being a particular standout and the narrative is enriched by the use of a variety of military OCs, all of whom are as real and interesting as the characters we're already know and love. A terrific and thought-provoking story that benefits from multiple readings.

Hockey Night in Atlantis by [ profile] canadian_snoopy - Expedition bonding via hockey tournament. Well... bonding may not be quite the right word. Battle lines are drawn as, led by Rodney and Radek, the more hockey-mad members of the Atlantis expedition embrace the tournament with ruthlessly competitive glee. [ profile] canadian_snoopy mixes Atlantis regulars and sharply-drawn OCs in a delightful and hilarious romp of a fic. SGA lends itself to great OCs (All those scientists!) and this fic is full of them, deftly drawn, they flesh out the story -- and the expedition -- giving it depth and international flavor that is sometimes missing in the show itself.

Retrograde Series by Martha Wilson - A brilliant AU SGA/SG1 crossover series and a fabulous example of "worst possible scenario" plotting. When SG1 arrives in the Pegasus Galaxy aboard the Daedalus they have no idea what to expect. The Atlantis expedition has been cut off from earth for three years, their fate unknown. What they find is a situation both better and worse than they could possibly have imagined. The expedition has survived -- thrived -- until very recently, but now it's in disarray -- under attack and profoundly distrustful of any "help" from earth. The plot is twisty and complex, and the reader, like SG1, is thrust into the middle of things and has to scramble to catch up to what has gone before. I cannot recommend this story highly enough, it's fast-paced and sharply characterized and profoundly original. If it were a book I'd call it a page turner, certainly it's guaranteed to keep you up reading long into the night.
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A Supermarket in California by [ profile] taffetablue - McKay/Sheppard - This is a lovely, slow-building AU about how John and Rodney might have met, in a world without a Stargate program. When he leaves the Air Force, John Sheppard moves to Berkeley, where he's inherited a corner grocery. There he meets, and gradually courts, physics professor Dr. Rodney McKay. It's a delightful little might-have-been that feels wonderfully real. Much of the joy of the story is in how perfectly [profile] taffetablue captures the look and feel of the setting. There's a wonderful sense of place to this story, grounding it in the little every day details that make it as much a love letter to Berkeley as it is a love story about John and Rodney.

Mau Loa Means the Time We Have by [ profile] gaiaanarchy - McKay/Sheppard - This story is just amazing, subtle and layered with a depth of implied backstory that is just astounding. In a universe where John never joined the Stargate program, he and Rodney meet anyway, in Hawaii where Rodney has retired after leaving the SGC. The story of what happened in that alternate Atlantis is revealed gradually, in hints and glimpses that are painful as much for what is not said as for what is. This is a Rodney and John who are each broken in their own way, finding a way, through each other, to become a little more whole. By keeping John as the point of view character, the author creates a multilayered narrative, with John's growing understanding of Rodney's past contrasting neatly with the reader's greater knowledge of the Stargate program and the hints and intimations of what exactly is changed in the alternate Atlantis timeline.

Bagglevarger's Theory of Inversive Magic by [ profile] skoosiepants - Stargate: Atlantis/Harry Potter - McKay/Sheppard - Oh, this story just gives me so much GLEE. Seriously. This story is my new happy place. It's light and funny and true to both universes and just so much fun you can't help but be swept up by it. This fic is almost impossible to classify. It's more of a fusion than a crossover. It's both future-fic for the HP universe and a school AU for the SGA characters. And it shouldn't work. Described on paper it sounds like the worst kind of badfic. But it isn't; oh it most definitely isn't. Skoosie playfully twists both universes creating a world where magic and stargates reside side by side; where the war with Voldemort is over and most of the participants are gone, but the aftermath still lingers; where a loudmouth Slytherin genius and a charming Gryffindor with a talent for Arithmancy might just save the world.

Small Primes and Square Roots by [ profile] liviapenn - McKay/Sheppard - Written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic Harlequin challenge, this is one of those stories I never get tired of rereading. It's a classic Harlequin plot. Rodney McKay has been raising his adopted daughter Sara, ever since his sister -- her mother -- Jeannie's death. John Sheppard is the Air Force Major who, 10 years earlier, Jeannie McKay picked when she went looking for someone to father her child. Fatherhood may have tempered some of Rodney's harshness, but he's still very recognizable the Rodney we love and Sara is one of the most realistic kids ever to grace a piece of fanfiction. They're a wonderfully atypical family, and the way they slowly absorb John into their world is an absolute delight. I love that this story takes time, it's not a sudden courtship, it's a gradual friendship -- kept up via email while John's stationed in Antarctica -- that subtly almost inevitably becomes something more. Just a lovely, lovely story.

Flying Low at Night by [ profile] cofax7 - Stargate: Atlantis/Farscape - John Sheppard/Aeryn Sun - First, a confession. I have never seen an episode of Farscape. Not even one. And I love this story. Somewhere, something happened and John Sheppard took a wrong term and ended up in the Farscape universe. The backstory is deliberately vague, just a subtle hint of fusion around the edges and the suggestion that something pretty aweful happened back there. Now he has one Puddle Jumper and his wits and not much else, navigating a maze of strange cultures and unfamiliar politics. Cofax brings the Farscape universe to life, with sharply drawn characters and just enough hints of backstory to keep a novice reader from getting lost. John fits in this universe amazingly well and he fits with Aeryn Sun even better, in this tightly-paced and finely-tuned story.

Tannhauser Gate by [ profile] trinityofone with art by [ profile] newkidfan - An absolutely brilliant short AU that subtly twists the Atlantis expedition into something totally unexpected and darkly disturbing. Disquieting is the best way to describe it I think. There's a subtle, creeping sense of wrongness to it, from the very beginning and the eventual reveal is both deeply disturbing and eerily plausible.

The Spare by [personal profile] wickedwords McKay/Sheppard - A richly detailed fantasy AU featuring that most classic of romance tropes, the Arranged Marriage. A minor Prince of the Lemas Empire, John's duty is to serve as his family and his country require of him. What is required of him is a political marriage, to Rodney McKay, Minister of Science of the Dyzan province, as part of a treaty arrangement. The world is a complete AU, but the characters are still very much themselves. The plot may be a cliche, but the story never feels stale, it's fresh and sweet and wonderfully satisfying.

No Myth by [ profile] skoosiepants and Choose Your Own Adventure (The Someone To Dance With Remix) by [ profile] liviapenn McKay/Sheppard - Rodney, John and Jeannie in a clever re-imagining of Sleeping Beauty. Skoosie's original story is a wonderfully skewed take on the familiar fairytale, infused with a hearty dose of McKay/Sheppard banter. The slotting of Atlantis characters into fairytale roles is inspired and keeps the story fresh and engaging. Livia's remix (written for [ profile] remixredux) is both a continuation of Jeannie's story and a meta-commentary on storytelling itself. It's the perfect complement to the original story. Skoosie skews the familiar fairytale. Livia takes it one step further, skewing the whole idea of fairytales. Choose Your Own Adventure creates a larger context for John and Rodney's story, one in which not everyone's story ended with the fairytale kiss.

Ages and Ages Hence by [ profile] corinna_5 - Stargate: Atlantis/Murphy Brown - McKay/Sheppard - Back in 1997, Joe Flanigan guest-starred in an episode of Murphy Brown playing a much-younger man who Murphy has a brief romantic fling with. I heartily recommend the episode if you can get ahold of it, it's sweet and funny and reminded me exactly how good a show Murphy Brown really was. Corinna cleverly fuses that role and John Sheppard, for this delightful little crossover in which now-Lt. Colonel John Sheppard -- back on earth during The Intruder -- meets a familiar face in a bar in Georgetown. The voices here are spot-on, sharp and witty and the fusion of the two characters is near-seamless. A charming and delightful crossover.
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Conduit: 1. A pipe or channel for conveying fluids, such as water. 2. A means by which something is transmitted [...] [Middle English, from Old French, from Medieval Latin conductus, from Latin, past participle of condcere, to lead together]

I love the way patterns come and go within a fandom. Currently, it seems like all of SGA fandom is writing conduit fic, stories in which one character serves as a conduit-- a stand-in and sometimes a bridge between two others. In slash, the conduit is often a woman, who serves to bring the two men together, to allow them to acknowledge their desire for each other, or merely to find a "safe" outlet for that desire.

The following are all some variety of McKay/Sheppard/F

It Takes Two by [ profile] _inbetween_ - McKay/Sheppard/Norina - The post-Inferno threesome I always hoped someone would write. Norina, having heard "all about the liberated life-style of the new occupants of Atlantis," invites both John and Rodney to partake of said liberated life-style with her. I love the characterization of Norina here. She's a confident woman, comfortable in her sexuality and unafraid to ask for what she wants. She's a perfect contrast to John and Rodney's nervous uncertainty both with the situation and with each other. Her forwardness is the impetus they need. Competitive in this of all things, neither is willing to be the first to back down, but it's only with Norina as the bridge that they're able to take the final step.

either.or by [ profile] isilya - McKay/Sheppard/OFC - This story is just all kinds of hot. Fabulous smutty sex and this incredible, heated tension between John and Rodney. The girl here is the ultimate conduit. A nameless partner, sketchily described. An eager participant, drawing the two men together around her. John and Rodney barely touch, their actions focused on the woman between them. But their attention -- their attention is only for each other as if only through touching her can they touch each other. It's erotic and sensual and at least seven kinds of hot, the best kind of smut, because it's so, so much more.

Yoshino by [personal profile] eretria with [personal profile] auburn - McKay/Sheppard/Carter - An absolutely gorgeous long, lyrical story in probably my favorite Stargate-verse threesome. The connection, the tension between these three is so electric the story almost vibrates with it. Eritrea and Auburn use Sam's pov to great effect, elucidating both Sam's attraction to the two men and her gradual recognition of the unresolved tension between John and Rodney. This is a slow-moving story, lush, sensual and incredibly hot, full of richly-drawn details and striking imagery. The characterizations are rich and real, and I especially love the way John is shown here as the most reluctant of the three, torn between desire and fear, but ultimately unable to tear himself away.

Parsus by [ profile] scribblinlenore - Sheppard/Teyla, McKay/Teyla, McKay/Sheppard - I love Teyla so much in this story. [ profile] scribblinlenore takes Teyla's best traits, her friendship, her generosity of spirit and her forthright, pragmatic outlook and channels them into a story that simply aches with longing and desire. John wants so much that he won't let himself have, the longing is almost painful to read, and it is clearly painful for Teyla to watch. Teyla can't give him Rodney, she can't make him ask for what he needs and is so sure he can't let himself have, but she can offer what she has, what she is. The knot of love and friendship between the three is wonderful here and the John pov is fantastic. And the ultimate resolution is beautiful and hopeful and true.

Rave Atlantis by [ profile] smittywing - Various permutations of McKay/Sheppard/Cadman - The secret nightlife of Atlantis. It's an intriguing premise, but one that's challenging to pull off. Smitty does so fabulously, in this long and richly detailed multimedia story. Cadman serves as John's conduit into the Room, and as the middle ground in his complicated relationship with Rodney. It is through her and through the consequence-free atmosphere of the club that he begins to allow himself to want and maybe, in time, have.

Conduit by [ profile] mmmchelle - Sheppard/Weir, McKay/Weir (implied) - An angsty gem of a story, painful and yet so terribly plausible. There is no happy ending here, only a dysfunctional tangle of want and need and brittle, achingly hot sex. This is the kind of relationship I can see John and Elizabeth having, imperfect and broken and impossible, the shadow of Rodney hanging over their every touch.
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Oh good god, I can't believe I forgot to include this in the last post when I reconstructed it after the power outage.

Chain of Command: Etente by [personal profile] casspeach - I recced the previous parts of [profile] caspeach and [ profile] z_rayne's Chain of Command Series previously and it is still one of my all time favorite SGA series. In Etente, Casspeach delves further into the complicated Sheppard/McKay/Lorne triangle, set up in the previous stories. I love the way she doesn't shy away from the tension in these relationships. The three of them are not an easy fit and there is a lot of posturing and back and forth between Sheppard and Lorne in particular.. They find a way to make the that tension work for them, not by any of them backing down but by all of them pushing and holding their ground. The result is scorchingly hot and fabulously true to all the characters. It's exactly the kind of power play I love, three forceful and strong-minded men finding a tenuous balance together without any of them sacrificing their strength or their pride.
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It has been a really good couple days for SGA fic, I'm feeling really, gloriously spoiled by this fandom right now.

Second Skin by [personal profile] toft - McKay/Sheppard - This fic hits so many of my buttons I could barely breathe after I finished reading it the first time. It's cross-dressing fic, put together so well that it really reads as true -- I can see it happening just like this. The story isn't there to serve the kink, the kink is integral to the story, it serves the story and that's, I think, why so many of the comments start with some variation of "this is not my kink, but..." Now this is totally my kink, I'm not going to pretend otherwise, but my reasons for loving the story definitely go well beyond the visceral GUH reaction to John in lipstick. I love this characterization of John, he's fucked up and repressed and strangely fragile, but at the same time he has this strength and sheer bloody-minded stubbornness that is completely recognizable as his. And Rodney is the perfect match for him here, just as stubborn and just as uncertain, but not willing to back down. It's a fast-paced rush of a fic with no wasted words or scenes; John and Rodney fall headlong into a relationship that neither of them expected or prepared for and [personal profile] toft pulls her readers along for the ride. It's brilliant and brilliantly hot and one of those stories I know I already know I'll come back to again and again.

The Bellerophone Brothers by [ profile] trinityofone - McKay/Sheppard - Trin continues to mine the U2 back catalog to magnificent effect in this latest story in her Four Quarters universe. This John is hard to like, and his relationship with Rodney is painful to watch, but I can't turn away. It's the best kind of angst, real and honest and achingly hot. Also, I'm not sure I'll ever listen to If You Wear That Velvet Dress the same way again.

3 Lovers by [personal profile] cesperanza - various permutations of John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon - The absolute best kind of poly fic, rich and detailed with a complex multi-layered web of relationships and a gradual build and change of those relationships that is imminently in-character. The story is told entirely from Teyla's pov, offering an unusual and insightful perspective on the three men and their connection to her and to each other. Speranza really makes all the relationships believable, especially the Rodney/Teyla that serves as the foundation for everything that follows. Ultimately this is a story about family, about the bonds of family that have nothing to do with blood and everything to do with choice and connection and love.

Headbanger's Ball by [personal profile] hth - John/Rodney/Teyla/Ronon - Once again Teyla is the conduit through which the team comes together. This is really Teyla's story, about her finding herself within Atlantis, stretching and changing and making a place for herself. [personal profile] hth's characterization of Teyla is fabulous and her interaction with her teammates is sketched out in a series of tightly-crafted scenes that fit together into a story as complex and interconnected as the team themselves.
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One of the ideas I had in mind when I created this journal was to do some single-author recs sets. When I find an author I love, I tend to then devour everything they've written in fandoms we share (and some we don't) and then I want to rec not just the individual stories but the authors themselves, what it is about them that makes me keep returning to their stories again and again.

I'm going to start out with one of my favorite Stargate: Atlantis writers, [ profile] trinityofone

Why Trinityofone Rocks my World and Just Generally Rocks

[ profile] trinityofone writes Science Fiction. Stargate: Atlantis is, of course, a science fiction fandom, but much of the fanfic is only tangentially sfnal. The first story of Trin's I remember reading, the first one that jumped out at me and stuck with me is the fantastic "Something Wicked", which is based on Ray Bradbury's story, "Something Wicked This Way Comes." What I was immediately struck by is how well Trin captured the feel of Bradbury's original, the subtle creepiness of the seemingly harmless. I find myself comparing Trin to Bradbury a lot, and to one of my other favorite science fiction authors, Connie Willis. Both Bradbury and Willis are masters of the "what if", taking a thought or an idea or a concept and spinning it into a compelling mix of fantastic ideas and grounded human emotion.

That's what Trin does. She takes the fantastic and makes it real. In everything she writes, whether it be serious or cracktastic, placed within canon or completely AU, it's her ability to fully flesh out these fantastic ideas and then ground them in everyday human reality that makes her stories soar.

Trin's stories can be found under the fic tag on her livejournal.

Below are some of my favorites:

Human Vacillation - The most brilliantly original fanfic premise I have read in a long, long time. This is one of those stories where the less you know going in the better. It's genderswap fic. But it's like no genderswap fic you've ever read before. There are layers of story here, and it's so brilliantly woven together that when it all clicks into place it's a true revelation, a moment of "aha, so that's why..." that leaves me breathless every time I read it. I've read this story a lot of times, and every time I notice something different about it, some new hint of backstory and added complexity and depth. Trin has a simple, spare prose style and an ear for truly evocative turns of phrase and never has she used it to better effect then here.

Something Wicked - The first story of Trin's that really made me sit up and take notice. Trin captures not just the idea but the feel of Bradbury's classic story, that shivery mix of nostalgia and edgy wrongness that makes a Bradbury story stick with you long after it's over. The Rodney pov is perfect and the twisted, mixed-up view of John's psyche is both disturbing and strangely intimate. One of the things I appreciate about Trin's SGA fic is that it never feels like John and Rodney exist in a vacuum. They are the center of the story, but they aren't the whole of the story. Zelenka, especially, is great in this story, as foil and secondary hero alongside Rodney.

DADT, Damyata, Dayadhvam - This story was physically painful for me to read, in a way that mere horror or violence never is. It's an AU Atlantis with a chilling SFnal premise worthy of George Orwell or Ray Bradbury. The matter of fact way in which Trin maps out the consequences of her new, darker "Don't Ask Don't Tell" policy makes me ache for the characters and wish desperately that I had a girl handy to kiss. What makes the story work so well is how small a change it really is, a reminder of exactly who it is that DADT hurts. I love Trin's writing because she doesn't flinch away from the painful truth, but she transcends it, offering an ending that is not just hopeful but truly triumphant and completely worthy of the pain that went before.

Four Quarters and The Best of the Puddlejumpers: Bootleg Edition. With art by [ profile] wychwood - Introducing the Puddlejumpers: lead singer John Sheppard, guitar genius and songwriter Rodney McKay, drummer Teyla Emmagen and Roadie-turned-bass player Ronon Dex. That's right, it's a band AU. A multimedia band AU. And it's brilliant. And I don't just say that because the Puddlejumpers share more than a passing resemblance with my favorite Irish foursome. Four Quarters jumps back and forth in time, taking us from the first meeting of the brilliant Rodney McKay with the hapless wanna-be garage band next door, to the inevitable VH1 special and hitting all the highlights in between. The translation of characters is great, with all the usual suspects showing up in unexpected yet perfect places, and the heart of the show, the heart of the relationships remains the same.

Consilience - A story about fragility and connection and coming at things sideways and the truly odd things John and Rodney talk about in bed. Everything about this story is written between the lines. It's a perfect metaphor for Rodney. All his talk, all his fears and snark and bluster are a way of talking around the big things -- the important things -- and sometimes, as here, they're a way of bringing the big, important things into focus, of talking in circles until he finds the middle -- the heart of the matter. This is another of those stories I can read again and again and each time I get something different, something more out of it.

And Time - The summary of this story says: dar_jeeling was saying that the Wraith aren't scary. She's right; they're not. But they should be. And yes. So. Much. Yes. This is a very short story, just a slice of a near-miss, but it brings home better than anything else I've seen the true terror of what the Wraith can do.

Learning Curve - Rodney McKay is a very fast learner, you would never guess it was his first time. His first first time. A funny, sexy, completely angst-free virgin-sex story in which Rodney really doesn't see what the fuss is all about and John panics. A lot.

Missionary Position - Post-'Allies', comedy crackfic in which Rodney and Ronon attempt to convince the Wraith of the many and varied joys of becoming human. Who knew Rodney could be such a... compelling... storyteller. You know those stories where you start laughing so can't keep reading until you get yourself back under control? This is one of those stories.

The Bang and the Clatter - A fusion of SGA and Good Omens with John and Rodney in the lead roles. They fit disturbingly well. Trin captures the tone and the voice of Good Omens and the particular, snarky interaction of John and Rodney and blends them to expert effect.

Looking for Lamour - In an interview somewhere Joe Flanigan compared McKay and Sheppard to Bob Hope and Bing Crosby in their classic "Road" movies. So what could be more perfect than sending them on an enforced road trip together across America. I love Trin's take on their relationship, how she captures their snarky banter but also the unspoken connection between them. This fic has a great episodic flow; a series of motel rooms and diners and roadside attractions highlight the gradual shift in their relationship.

The No. 1 All Time Top Frivalous Use for Time Travel and Are You Experienced? - Rodney and John discover what time travel is really good for and Trin reveals that she has some sort of hotline to my brain. Because this? Is exactly what I would do if I had a time machine. Written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll challenge which should really tell you all you need to know *g*

And Truth, Beauty - Trust Trin to take a crackfic challenge and turn out something bittersweet and so strangely, impossibly right. Trin mixes myth and reality and creates a John Sheppard who is nothing and everything like the man we know.
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Sometimes, I look to fic for deep emotional resonance and connection with the characters and smart storytelling.

And sometimes I just want something really, really hot. I want fic that leaves me breathless and distracted and feeling a little dazed. I want to feel the heat curling up from the base of my spine, that shiver of pure sex, the visceral GUH of really good smut.

And more often than not I want a bit of kink with that guh.

I talked about my kinks. Here's a semi-random collection of fic I've read or reread recently that feeds them.

Mercy by [personal profile] astolat - Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay - Aliens made them do it fisting fic. With bondage. By Shalott. Really, do I need to say anything more?

But Some Things Never Stop Being Funny by [personal profile] astolat - Stargate: Atlantis, Rodney McKay/Girl!John Sheppard/Ronon Dex - In less that 1700 words, Shalott manages to hit no less than 3 of my major bulletproof kinks. It's a genderfuck threesome, with Girl!John very much in the middle and it's my current gold standard for scorching hot smut.

Pushover by [personal profile] astolat - Mr. and Mrs. Smith, John/Jane - A tasty little bit of role reversal that is oh so very very hot.

The Hearts of Watches by [ profile] mmmchelle - Stargate: Atlantis, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard - He expected John to come to him, but he didn't. He turned away. Then he knelt on the floor by the end of the bed and leaned forward, resting his head and shoulders on the bed. // Rodney's breath did more than catch. John was presenting himself, offering himself--to Rodney--and Rodney couldn’t imagine anything more erotic. I'm with Rodney on that one. So. Much. GUH.

Wrong, Right, Sublime, Sublimation, Latitude and Nonparametric by [ profile] sajinn - Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay - Three encounters, each told twice, once from John's pov, once from Rodney's. Each one is insanely hot and seared into my brain, especially John bottoming from the top to absolutely scorching effect in the third set. Taken together they're a gorgeous and strangely vulnerable look at the beginning of a relationship.

Chiaroscuro & Pushing by [ profile] micehell - Stargate: Atlantis, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard - There's no actual sex until the second story, but it's the first scene of Chiaroscuro that I keep coming back to: John Sheppard in a dark alley, desperate for a nameless, faceless fuck and too afraid to let himself want anything more. Damaged John, pushy Rodney and hot hot hot wall-sex, everything a girl could want.

Edges by [ profile] neery - Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay - D/S with a side order of knife-play done in a way that is sincerely believable to the characters. The nervous uncertainty as they try out their roles and Rodney's growing confidence make this story all the hotter. As you might have noticed, I have a bit of a thing for bottom/semi-submissive John Sheppard and this satisfies that kink in spades.

The Limitations of Force by [ profile] z_rayne - Stargate: Atlantis, Ronon Dex/John Sheppard/Teyla Emmagen - There's a lot of enzyme porn in this fandom, but this is undoubtedly the hottest piece out there. An enzyme-fueled threesome with John very much in the middle. Fierce and dirty and held together by a fabulous John pov.

Untitled by [ profile] sprat - Due South, Benton Fraser/Ray Kowalski - Again this fic works for me because the bondage and light D/S dynamic is kept very in character. Fraser's innate courtesy gives him trouble, but once he gets into the spirit of things, oh MY does he get into the spirit of things. Serious GUH.

I've restricted myself here to stuff I haven't recced before, which is why there's no Hornblower on the list. Also, I know there's plenty of good PoTC kink, but I don't have my links anymore and if I'd waited to go search for it this thing would never have been posted.

Some previously recced stories that could have fit here:

The entire All the King's Men series by [personal profile] commodorified and [personal profile] damned_colonial. (Horatio Hornblower, multiple pairings) Particularly All the King's Men, Nature and Degree and Major MacPherson's Ass which are respectively Kennedy/Edrington, Bush/Edrington and Pellew/Edrington, thus proving that his Lordship really is the little black dress of the fandom and capable of melting my brain in any combination.

The Chain of Command series by [ profile] z_rayne and [personal profile] casspeach, which is all KINDS of Guh D/S poly goodness. (Stargate: Atlantis, John Sheppard/Rodney McKay, Rodney McKay/Lorne, John Sheppard/Ronon Dex)


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