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And yet more fabulous SGA het for you all, this time two of my favorite snarky McKay pairings, McKay/Carter and McKay/Cadman. One of these stories was previously recced on [ profile] rec50, meaning that all my recs from there have now been crossposted here.


lapsus linguae - a slip of the tongue by [ profile] agentotter - [ profile] agentotter writes the best McKay/Carter out there, preserving the prickly nature of their interaction while emphasizing the subtle changes in their professional and personal interaction now that Rodney's in Atlantis. Where once there was merely snark, there is now a flirtatious edge, that leads perfectly into a sweetly awkward first kiss.

de profundis - up from the depths by [ profile] agentotter - This is just gorgeous, quiet, perfect prose unfolding slowly to reveal layers of meaning. This is a Rodney/Sam story, but it's mostly about Rodney, about reconciling the idea of Sam Carter in his head with the reality of Sam Carter standing beside him.

Solitary Pursuit by [ profile] lysora - Sam visits Atlantis and surprises both Rodney and herself. A fascinating study of isolation and loneliness, and the need for human contact, for connection. Sam is struck by the vast emptiness of the city, by the resident's isolation from earth and from the rest of the Pegasus galaxy. But it is Sam who is truly isolated, finding a connection in the close-knit community of Atlantis, that has been eluding her on earth. I love the way Sam and Rodney's relationship is drawn here, not as a grand love, but as a real need for touch, for connection. There is tension between them -- his unrepentent, unsubtle flirting, her casual habit of cutting him down and brushing him off -- but there's no malice in it, just familiarity and a spark of something more.

Five Ways Sam and Rodney Have Sex Because of John by Teaphile - Exactly what it says, five short snippets that are alternately sweet, hilarious and sweetly hilarious.


Claim Her Own Skin by [ profile] reccea - Post-Duet, Laura Cadman feels like a stranger in her own skin and she thinks sex with Rodney is just what she needs in order to get her bearings back. There's a lot of fic dealing with Rodney's feelings in the aftermath of the episode, but [ profile] reccea is one of the only authors I've seen address what Cadman must be feeling. She really gets inside Cadman's head, revealing a kind of frustrated vulnerability that really makes this pairing work.

All Roads Lead by [ profile] trinityofone - Five ways Laura Cadman slept with Rodney McKay. From classic cliches to subtle and nuanced romance, [ profile] trinityofone highlights the many and complex facets of the way McKay and Cadman relate to each other.

Passing Through Gethsemane by [ profile] moonlettuce - This is an interestingly creepy little ficlet written for [ profile] mmom. It's Cadman trying out McKay's body, but where another author might have written pure, fluffy porn, [ profile] moonlettuce recognizes and explores the more disturbing implications of the situation. Really well done, with a really interesting take on Cadman.

Mission Objectives by Teaphile - A fabulously hot little ficlet in which no sex actually appears, just the sudden, overwhelming heat of arousal and the promise of more to come.

Glints in the Night and Commas and Ampersands by [ profile] lallybroch - GUH. So, McKay/Cadman is totally my new favorite place for snarky, smutty het and OMG does this pair of stories fit that bill. As if the snarky, combative sex isn't hot enough, the second story is told from a fabulous voyeuristic John pov that offers tantalizing hints of a promised final installment.
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Why I Worship at the Feet of Nindulgence and You Should Too

[ profile] nindulgence has a true gift for prose, her every sentence is diamond-sharp, her every word carefully chosen. She doesn't write many long stories. She doesn't need to. With never a word wasted she can convey as much in 500 words as another author might in 5000. There's a wonderful variety to Nin's stories. But from the lightest humor to the darkest angst everything she writes reads as real and honest and true. And that, I think, is the highest praise I can offer any writer.

I have the great fortune to share my two biggest fandoms with Nin. She's written a remarkable range of Horatio Hornblower fic, all of which I recommend heartily, and recently she has begun to write Stargate: Atlantis fic, filling my life with great, great glee.

All of Nin's fic can be found in her memories here organized by fandom and type. Go, explore, read. NinFic really does make the world a better place. And if you want a place to start, here are some of my absolute favorites:

Horatio Hornblower

From the Notebook of Myrtle Beddington: - The shared universe of Fictional Scholarship is one of the cornerstones of Hornblower fandom. Here, Nin weighs in with one of the "lost erotic poems" of Archie Kennedy, and accompanying scholarly commentary. Taken together, they are a perfect example of Nin's two greatest strengths: her stunning turns of phrase and her sparkling wit.

The Mer-King - Another piece of poetry, the laudanum-induced scribblings of the unfortunate Midshipman Wellard. Not only is it a gorgeous poem, it's a gorgeously in-character poem, a perfect-mix of hallucinatory imagery and fumbling adolescent angst.

An Unexceptionable Acquaintance - In a trebble written for the [ profile] hh100 Pastiche challenge, Nin channels Georgette Heyer and introduces the most formidable personage of Edrington's mama. And she is perfect. Scrupulously correct in manner and tone, she's the very picture of the upstanding regency matron and she could have walked off the page of one of Ms Heyer's finest.

His - I don't normally rec drabbles, because there's just not enough to say. But for Nin I make an exception. This is just so right. And so painful. It's Archie and Simpson in a nutshell. So perfect that I swear this happened just off screen on the Justinian in The Even Chance/The Duel.

Red Tide - Matthews and Styles perspective of the dark days aboard the Renown. An uncannily effective use of biblical symbolism.

Dribble - Edrington. Butter. And the best opening line ever. A true drabble.

Taken Aback - A small act of kindness aboard the Justinian. Nin illuminates both the desperate atmosphere of fear that pervades the ship and the way that fear magnifies the significance of even the simplest, most human gestures.

Afraid To Call It Love - Three sailors, a beach and... that would be telling *g*. Seriously, this story is a best if you know as little as possible about it going in. A short, sweet, post-Kingston LKU full of witty banter, keen character insights and the cleverly nuanced writing Nin does so well. An absolute must-read.

Ellipsis - Horatio finds Archie's diary. There is just so much between the lines in this story. The little hints of Archie's past. All the things the diary doesn't say that come through loud and clear anyway. And woven through it all, a thread of mutual longing and regret that just breaks my heart.

At Dawn - An early morning duel and a wonderful bit of insight into Edrington. The last line absolutely makes this story.

Misgiving - And here Nin breaks my heart into itty bitty pieces. And then stomps on it. And, god love her, I just want to go back for more. This is Archie's death, and his last scrawled letter to Horatio, as seen and read by William. And it will break your heart. And yet you will love her for it.

Anniversary - A different kind of post-Kennedy fic, It's seemingly a normal day on the Hotspur, except somehow it's not. The Captain's twitchy and foul-tempered, the First Lieutenant's keeping his distance, the crew members who've known the Captain longest are exchanging knowing looks and Midshipman Orrock wants desperately to know why. It's a clever perspective that makes a simple story something much more.

Hellespont - Here, she turns her eye on Archie Kennedy and the Earl of Edrington. A perfect snapshot in time, Hellespont offers a glimpse into Archie and Edrington's relationship; everything they have and a few things that never will be. A gorgeous story that will simply take your breath away.

Baser Impulses - Nin neatly turns fanon convention on its head and turns it into this perfect little gem of a story. Archie Kennedy is only human. And when he gives in to his baser impulses he finds that the seemingly-perfect Horatio Hornblower is only human as well. Nin does some clever playing with roles here contrasting Archie's casually impetuousness with Horatio's rarer -- and much more dangerous -- risktaking.

Honing - A terrific bit of backstory for the unusally charged relationship between Captains Pellew and Foster in The Fire Ships. I really believe in these younger versions of the characters.

Namesake - Edrington is a fascinating character, and the dearth of canon information about him gives fic writers a wonderful freedom to extrapolate his past and his future . Here, Nin gives us the young not-yet-Earl of Edrington and a friend, waking up of a Sunday morning. Light and happy, like a single brilliant ray of sunlight, this story just glows. A delightfully subtle crossover with Pirates of the Caribbean that does credit to both fandoms.

Stargate: Atlantis

Wormhole X-Treme! II - An absolutely hysterical piece of multimedia fic created for the [ profile] sga_flashfic Documentation challenge. Introducing "Wormhole X-treme II: Space Vampires from Beyond the Galaxy!". From the hilariously perfect casting to the caustic user comments to the absolutely priceless trivia, Nin's spoof IMDB page is a true work of art.

Hands-On Science - This wonderful gem of a story was written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic school challenge. Years before Atlantis, John and Rodney meet up during concurrent field trips to the Ontario Science Centre. The Rodney McKay tour of the museum is a treat -- for John and for Nin's readers -- and the glimpse of John and Rodney's high school selves, is fascinating and revelatory. Nin's prose just sparkles, it's tight and witty and deliciously in-character. I can really believe that these two grew up into the John and Rodney we know and love.

This Isn't Happening, You Say? - Wraith poetry. No, really. Creepy and effective.

Stargate SG1

Ritual - A humorous send-up of the classic "Aliens Made Them Do It" story, as told from the perspective of one of the aliens in question. The scenario is cracktastically fabulous, but what makes the story truly great is the wonderful outsider perspective of the SG1 team (handily identified by our pov character as Grumpy, Curious, Calm and Thoughtful) and their unique form of interpersonal communication.

Harry Potter

Run to Earth - A sonnet. Nin manages to capture everything I love about Remus and Sirius in 14 short lines. Shivery and intense and just gorgeous.
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SGA fandom is a hotbed of fabulous gen fic: from short scenes to long, plotty epics. Here, I wanted to rec some of my favorite longer gen stories to come out of the fandom.

Hands on Science by [ profile] nindulgence - Nin is absolutely one of my favorite writers in all of fandom and I am thrilled that she's writing a bit of SGA now. This wonderful gem of a story was written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic school challenge. Years before Atlantis, John and Rodney meet up during concurrent field trips to the Ontario Science Centre. The Rodney McKay tour of the museum is a treat -- for John and for Nin's readers -- and the glimpse of John and Rodney's high school selves, is fascinating and revelatory. Nin's prose just sparkles, it's tight and witty and deliciously in-character. I can really believe that these two grew up into the John and Rodney we know and love.

Be My Homeward Dove by [ profile] harriet_spy - I love stories that flesh out the time the command team spends back on earth after the Siege and this has quickly become one of my favorite stories to take place during that time. After his promotion ceremony, the others take John out for a celebratory dinner, but it only serves to remind them all how little they fit in on earth anymore. Where they do fit -- how they fit -- is with each other. This is a sweet, gentle story about the bond between John, Rodney and Elizabeth. It's cozy and comfortable and happy in a way these three so rarely get to be.

Synaesthesia by [ profile] alyse - In the aftermath of Conversion, John struggles to readjust to his changing body. In a perfect complement to their concern during the episode, each of his team members finds their own way to help him with his slow return to self. Alyse's prose is as sharp and sensual as John's bug-enhanced senses, capturing every aspect of John's gradual reverse transformation. The varied responses of those around him and John's own muddled reaction to his change infuse the story with a restless tension. It is Ronon and Rodney and Teyla who cut through that tension, grounding the story and grounding Sheppard, guiding him back to himself.

Eurydice Turns Left by [ profile] vee_fic - A terrific long and plotty team adventure story. A mission gone rapidly wrong leaves John, Rodney, Teyla and several excellent OCs captured and Atlantis scrambling to mount a rescue mission. The alien culture is fresh and original, but the real enemy in this story is time. Time and the mountain around them. This story reminds me of nothing so much as those non-fiction books about lost hikers and snow-bound mountain climbers surviving against impossible odds. It's a tale of endurance and group resilience, the most basic of human drama. The characters and their predicament are engaging and sharply drawn and the story vibrates with a real tangible sense of urgency, of the danger they're all in.

Finagle's Quake by [ profile] neonhummingbird - An earthquake traps Rodney and Teyla in the ruins of an ancient lab and things only go downhill from there. Of all the complicated dynamics of Atlantis' main team, the relationship between Teyla and Rodney is one that is only rarely addressed on the show or in fic. There's an interesting chemistry between them, they complement each other in unexpected ways and prove to be really good together in a crisis. Although the story is told entirely from Rodney's pov, [ profile] neonhummingbird does a terrific job of portraying not only his and Teyla's predicament but the difficulties of their would-be-rescuers as well. The plot is tense and twisty, a high-adrenaline read with a strong, but never sappy emotional core.

The Jenny Code by [ profile] miss_porcupine - [ profile] miss_porcupine is the queen of plotty, character-driven gen an this is without a doubt the jewel in her crown. [ profile] miss_porcupine's strength is in her depth of military knowledge which gives a distinctive tone and realism to her descriptions of Atlantis' military population. The Jenny Code is not only as a fabulous portrait of the Atlantis mission in crisis mode, but also a shockingly realistic extrapolation of just how far the Genii might go to get back at Atlantis. What I love most about this fic though is the format; it's the story of an away mission gone bad, but the action is all off screen. What we see instead are the briefings and strategic planning taking place back on Atlantis throughout and following the off-screen crisis. The characterizations are excellent throughout, with Lorne being a particular standout and the narrative is enriched by the use of a variety of military OCs, all of whom are as real and interesting as the characters we're already know and love. A terrific and thought-provoking story that benefits from multiple readings.

Hockey Night in Atlantis by [ profile] canadian_snoopy - Expedition bonding via hockey tournament. Well... bonding may not be quite the right word. Battle lines are drawn as, led by Rodney and Radek, the more hockey-mad members of the Atlantis expedition embrace the tournament with ruthlessly competitive glee. [ profile] canadian_snoopy mixes Atlantis regulars and sharply-drawn OCs in a delightful and hilarious romp of a fic. SGA lends itself to great OCs (All those scientists!) and this fic is full of them, deftly drawn, they flesh out the story -- and the expedition -- giving it depth and international flavor that is sometimes missing in the show itself.

Retrograde Series by Martha Wilson - A brilliant AU SGA/SG1 crossover series and a fabulous example of "worst possible scenario" plotting. When SG1 arrives in the Pegasus Galaxy aboard the Daedalus they have no idea what to expect. The Atlantis expedition has been cut off from earth for three years, their fate unknown. What they find is a situation both better and worse than they could possibly have imagined. The expedition has survived -- thrived -- until very recently, but now it's in disarray -- under attack and profoundly distrustful of any "help" from earth. The plot is twisty and complex, and the reader, like SG1, is thrust into the middle of things and has to scramble to catch up to what has gone before. I cannot recommend this story highly enough, it's fast-paced and sharply characterized and profoundly original. If it were a book I'd call it a page turner, certainly it's guaranteed to keep you up reading long into the night.


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