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Several people asked me for White Collar fic recs, so I thought I'd throw together a list of the stuff that jumped out at me in my initial browsing last night. I welcome further recs in the comments from anyone who's got them.

It's probably a surprise to no-one that I'm all over the Elizabeth/Neal/Peter OT3. The fic comms I’ve had pretty good luck with are [ profile] whitecollarfic and [ profile] caffrey_burke, both of which get a pleasing amount of Elizabeth/Neal/Peter fic, and [ profile] 3_way_collar which is newer, but entirely about the OT3 and thus, I suspect, destined to be my favorite.

Corkscrew and sequels by [ profile] china_shop - China Shop has been writing a series of short pre-Elizabeth/Neal/Peter stories, which are probably my favorite fic so far in the fandom. The series is at five stories and counting. I’ve linked to Corkscrew, which is the first. Each new installment is linked from the bottom of the previous story, so you can just click right through to read all of them.

Accessories by [ profile] halcyon_shift - This is a great short Leverage crossover. Gen, unless you count Hardison/tracking anklet as a pairing.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang by [ profile] oh_mcgee - Enjoyable (and hot) Post 1x03 Neal/Peter with strong hints of Elizabeth/Neal/Peter.

Partners by [ profile] shadowdancer909 - Super short, pre-slashy ficlet about the way Neal is drawn to Peter. A common theme, I'm finding.

Untitled Commentfic by [ profile] misspamela - Another super-short one. Neal/Peter pre-slash. Just the right kind of witty banter I love about these two.

Communication by [ profile] travels_in_time - Five years of Neal's birthday cards to Peter. Another common theme in the early fic, and done wonderfully here.

Catch and Release by [ profile] linaerys - Pre-series Peter/OMC fic of awesome.
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Trying to Communicate by [ profile] sam_storyteller - Torchwood. Gen, or as gen as the show gets. Spoilers through ep. 2x07. The funniest thing I have read in a LONG, LONG time.

Get Loved, Make More, Try to Stay Alive by [personal profile] dira - Jack/Ianto, R-ish, 68,550 words. "Less than 19% mpreg by volume." - Time-travel, romance, angsty, kid-fic with a dash of mpreg to get the plot rolling. If you're not an mpreg fan, this still may be the story for you. While there is male pregnancy, it is not the point or the ultimate focus of the story. Conversely, if mpreg is one of your kinks, this story may not satisfy it -- Dira's take on the trope is decidedly non-standard -- but I still hope you'll find the story satisfying in other ways. Mpreg is normally one of my stronger squicks, but I love this story and I absolutely adore beyond measure how Dira handles that aspect of it. This is a story about life and death and working for Torchwood. Mortality and Immortality and everything in between, basically everything I could ever want out of a Torchwood story. It's amazing and gorgeous and just thinking about it fills me with huge amounts of glee. Highly, HIGHLY recommended.
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This is the miscellany set. Three random stories I recced for [ profile] rec50 that are neither het nor McKay/Sheppard and nine Gen stories. All somehow Rodney McKay centric.


Sex Like Math by [ profile] 3jane - This is how Rodney and Radek's relationship should always be: late nights in the lab working in tandem, and then sweet, sloppy, celebratory sex when it all comes together. I love this take on the two of them, they are so in-tune to each other in that way only two people with a shared passion can be. This is geek sex in the best possible way, capturing perfectly the exhileration that comes from innovation.

McKay/Carter/Jonas Quinn

Something To Remember Me By by thekatebeyond - An unusual and fabulously hot threesome, with a Rodney characterization based solely on McKay's SG-1 appearances. This is a Rodney who's not afraid to ask for what he wants. And not above a little gentle manipulation to help things along. The build-up is fast-paced and funny and gloriously in character for all parties and the sex is just incredibly, incredibly hot. thekatebeyond has a definite gift for fast-paced, witty dialogue that really makes the characters come to life.


A Thing Decided (res judica) by [ profile] yin_again - Rodney McKay/Julian Lodge, Rodney McKay/John Sheppard - This is a crossover with the brief-lived Supreme Court drama First Monday, but you don't need to watch the show to read the fic. In fact, it's probably better not to; it's a really, really bad show. So why the crossover? Julian Lodge, senior-clerk to the Chief Justice, is played by Joe Flanigan.

The imminent declassification of the Atlantis project brings a string of dignitaries to Atlantis, including the Chief Justice. Rodney gets roped into diplomatic duty, escorting and briefing Julian Lodge in preparation for the Chief Justice's visit. The attraction between Rodney and Julian is immediate and genuine. Rodney is interested in Julian for himself, not merely because of his uncanny resemblence to John. Nevertheless, Julian's arrival is also the catalyst for a change in John and Rodney's relationship. [ profile] yin_again deftly balances both relationships, creating a compelling triangle with a resolution that is true and fitting for all three characters.

Gen Fic

A McKay Carol by [ profile] amireal - A refreshing antidote to all the "scrooge McKay" fic that seemed so popular last December. There's more than one reason why someone might not share in the Christmas spirit. As the author herself says, I don't necessarily see this happening on Atlantis, but I do see it happening in an aweful lot of holiday-themed stories. By telling the story from John's perspective, [ profile] amireal shows us both sides of the situation, highlighting how easy it is to get so wrapped up in the holiday celebrations that we forget that not everyone shares our joy.

Back to the Old Ways by [ profile] out_there - A fantastic exploration of Rodney's feelings in the aftermath of his time on the Wraith Enzyme. This story was written before The Hive aired, and so the backstory of how Rodney escaped and John and the others were saved has, of course, been quite thoroughly jossed. But I don't think that detracts from the story at all. The details of Rodney's escape are immaterial, the real interest is in what happens next. How do you go back to life as a normal, slightly clumsy scientist when, for a brief stretch of time, you were more powerful than you've ever imagined was possible? [ profile] out_there does a great job of capturing Rodney's ambivilant feelings about the enzyme and the way that effects how he relates to those around him, particularly Ronon and John.

Causal Fault by [ profile] in_wintertime - A fabulous Rodney-centric character study about death and survival in the Pegasus galaxy. A fire in one of the Botony labs leaves two scientists dead and Rodney and the other rescuers high from the fumes. [ profile] in_wintertime's strength is in her vibrant, lyrical prose. She combines gorgeous description and spot-on dialogue to create a striking look inside the changing landscape of Rodney's brain, and at the way the Rodney who came from earth is slowly dying, changing under the weight of the harsh reality of life in Atlantis.

Control by [ profile] trinityofone - There's a fine art to writing a good drabble, and [ profile] trinityofone has mastered it. This is a two part story, 24 drabbles in total covering Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2 through Trinity, told first from Rodney's pov and then mirrored from John's. Each 100 word section is tighly written, bereft of all extraneous words; and they're all the more powerful for their sparseness.

The Guy Who Came In From the Cold by [ profile] 01100100 - During his exile to Siberia, Rodney comes to terms with his ignominious departure from the SGC and strikes up an unlikely friendship with Russian scientist, Svetlana Markov. It's a gradual character study, showing Rodney's slowly changing perspective as he adapts to his Russian assignment and comes to terms with his anger at Samantha Carter. 01100100 deftly handles his transition from stubborn defensiveness to grudging self-awareness, paralleled by the slow thawing of his relations with his Russian colleagues. A subtle and lovely story.

Independence by [ profile] laceymcbain - A unique perspective on Rodney and his departure from earth offered by an unusual OC, his cat. It shouldn't work and yet somehow it's perfect. Stylistically this story is perfect. Short, straightforward sentences and a lack of contractions give just a hint of a non-standard pov without overwhelming the story or feeling gimmicky. Sad but in no way sappy, this is a perfect example of how great an experimental and risky to attempt fic can be.

Rescue by [ profile] tigs - When the rest of the team is captured, it's up to Rodney to mount a rescue. Doing so requires him to bluff the natives, cloaking himself in a confidence that he doesn't really feel. [ profile] tigs has a great feel for Rodney's internal voice and her characterization is spot-on. It's a short fic, but wonderfully revealing of Rodney's character and of how he's been changed by his time in the Pegasus galaxy.

This Honour is Generally Bestowed Posthumously by [ profile] spike21 - Trapped in a Wraith coccoon at the end of "No Man's Land," Rodney turns to his favorite coping mechanism, panic. Rodney's alphabetic litany of death is, of course, hilarious, but [ profile] spike21 uses it for much more than mere comic effect. Rodney's babble may sound hysterical, but in reality it's the only thing holding him together. Rodney's internal and external monologue are terrifically written, and Ronon's subtle baiting is wonderfully revealing of how well he really understands his most impossible temmate.

Twenty Four Hours With a Rodneysaur by [ profile] maryavatar with illustrations by [ profile] spaggel - In which Rodney McKay spends 24 hours as a dinosaur. A very small, incredibly cute, dinosaur. The true epitome of Crack!Fic. [ profile] maryavatar takes a completely impossible premise and makes it work. The characters are all still very much themselves, including dino-Rodney, who is sort of the distilled essence of his regular personality. [ profile] spaggel's wonderful artwork is a perfect accompaniment making for a story that's just impossibly adorable.
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I think it's pretty clear that I've fallen rather hard for SGA fandom lately. One of the things I love about the fandom is the sheer breadth of stories to be told. The more cracked out the concept, the more it seems to be perfect for an SGA fic. Nowhere is this more obvious then in the profusion of fabulous AUs and Crossovers the fandom has generated.

So, I decided to do a recs set of all SGA AUs and Crossovers

Clarke's Law by [profile] isiscolo - Stargate Atlantis/Harry Potter - Yes, you read that right, an SGA/HP crossover. And it's gen too, and you know what? It's Perfect. Isis takes Clarke's Law (Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic) and takes it to it's most logical extreme, and creates a near-seamless melding of the two universes. The characters from both universes are strongly drawn and the plot is complex and fast-moving and frighteningly plausible.

Arizona by [ profile] seperis - Stargate Atlantis is a fabulous fandom for AUs, often the more outlandish the concept, the better. Dr. Rodney McKay, genius astrophysicist on the run from the US government after rather forcefully cutting his ties with them, wakes up in his seedy hotel room to find an assassin standing at the foot of his bed. A rather rumpled looking assassin, with a lazy grin and a marked disinclination to shoot him. And that's when things get interesting. Seperis does a nice job of gradually revealing John and Rodney's backstory as well as of dropping in brief appearances and references to other familiar characters for a great mix of fast-paced action and steamy smut. The sequel, Puerto Vallarta is also fabulous. There is also now a third installment, Mexico City that, unlike the previous two stories which stand well alone, ends on a spectacular cliffhanger. It's just as excellent as its predecessors though and will have you, like me, desperately waiting for the next installment.

Where Did All the Physics Go? by [ profile] amireal - Stargate Atlantis/Star Trek - A good author can make even the most unlikely crossover work, the trick is in taking both canons seriously while also recognizing the inherent unlikelyhood of the scenario. [ profile] amireal does so fabulously in this spectacular crossover of SGA Star Trek TOS So, John and Rodney wind up someplace they really never expected to be... and once they've stopped falling over laughing in hysterical shock, they discover that they have more in common with their childhood heroes then they ever expected. The interactions here really make the story, especially the conversation McKay has about the downside of being friends with heroes. Amireal combines a character-based crossover that's true to both series, with a lovely and believable first time McKay/Sheppard story, weaving the separate strands of the story together into a charming and delightful whole.

Animal Husbandry by [ profile] casspeach - This story won me over in the first paragraph with the horse named Puddle Jumper and it only got better. Written for the [ profile] sga_flashfic Harlequin challenge, but anything but short, John is a ranch hand/rodeo rider and Rodney is the new vet in town, taking over half of Zelenka's practice. The result is the best kind of love story, full of very real characters, who are very good at getting in the way of their own happy ending. Casspeach provides a fabulous supporting cast, particularly Lorne and Cadman as John's best friends and Elizabeth as his boss.

Temporary Engagement by [ profile] kylielee1000 - Probably my favorite of all the stories to come out of the Harlequin challenge. Elizabeth Weir, the CEO of Atlantis Industries, needs a fiance, to facilitate a business deal. Enter, her mousy secretary, Radek Zelenka. But Radek, like all mousy secretaries, is more than he seems and has been nursing a hopeless crush on his boss for years. It's a classic romance plot, gleefully gender-bent and skillfully told, utilizing a wide ranging cast of Atlantis regulars and guests. I never get tired of reading this fic.

Prince Charming by [ profile] coreopsis - In which John buys Rodney at a bachelor auction. Really, do I need to say more?? By turns sweet, funny, and scorchingly hot, this is just a lovely little romantic what if. One of those stories that never fails to make me happy.

No Refunds or Exchanges by [ profile] astolat - In an Atlantis like but completely unlike the one we know, busy physicist Rodney McKay sends away for a mail-order bride so he'll have someone to clean his house and cook his meals and generally do all the stuff he has no time for. What he gets is John Sheppard. Soon Rodney finds that the last thing he thought he wanted is the very thing he needs the most. Shalott embraces the tropes of the romance genre and gleefully twists them into a tender, sexy and true-to-character romance.

Counterpoint by [ profile] nestra - Pianist/composer Rodney McKay needs an assistant while he works on his latest Concerto. Ex-con John Sheppard is looking for a fresh start in life when he answers Rodney's ad. Everything about this story makes me happy, John's doubts, Rodney's abrasive confidence, the way music is woven through their relationship and the story. Just a sweet, lovely story.

a blue true dream of sky by [ profile] isilya - John, Rodney and cattle droving in a vaguely Australian backcountry. The cattle are John's, being driven to market by he and his hands. Rodney is an agrictultural scientist, trying to discover the cause of the deadly wraith fungus, that is devestating the land. This story is almost indescribable. In a series of scenes, not all laid out in order, Isilya creates a vibrant and very real world and a complex web of relationships that are both different from and true to the relationships on the show. This is another of those stories I just keep coming back to.
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Flying Solo by [personal profile] elke_tanzer - Flying Solo is one of the first fics I read in this fandom and still one of the hottest things I've read in any fandom. We're talking brain-melting, lose the power of speech hot here. This is Kara Thrace in all her glory; a strong, confident and powerful woman, comfortable in her own skin and unashamed of her sexuality. [personal profile] elke_tanzer seamlessly blends Kara's memories and her fantasies into a narrative that is as strong and as sexy as Kara herself.

Palmer's Notation by [ profile] elismor - BSG is a great fandom for secondary characters and I love that the show and the fanfic writers aren't afraid to play with them. I've had a soft spot for Cally since I first saw the mini-series, and my love has only grown as we've learned more about her. Here, [ profile] elismor takes a fleeting revelation about Cally from Episode 2.3 and spins it into a short, revelatory character study. One that is only more powerful when read with the knowledge of what comes to pass in subsequent episodes.

Servant by [ profile] inlovewithnight - I love the complexity of the relationship between Lee Adama and Laura Roslin; the give and take, the fierce but precarious interdependence. [ profile] inlovewithnight embraces that complexity and explores the many facets of the question, "what do they see in each other?" The answer is as layered, nuanced and beautiful as the characters themselves.

State of the Colonies by [ profile] isis_uf - What do you do when you discover you're world is under attack? If you're President Adar, you discover quickly and terribly exactly how little even the leader of the colonies can do. [ profile] isis_uf takes a character mentioned but never seen in canon and brings him grandly to life. In a few brief lines she sketches a character who is believable, flawed and altogether human; a leader discovering how tenuous that leadership is, a powerful man discovering how impotent that power can be.

Five Ways to Lose Your Faith (And One to Find It) by [ profile] myalchod - Another pov of the cylon attack, this from a young priestess aboard the passenger liner Tyche's Blessing in the midst of a pilgramage to each of the 12 colonies. It is a simple story, in 6 linked vignettes, of the loss and rebirth of faith, of the descent into darkness and the promise of spring. Ellie is a believable and sympathetic viewpoint character and [ profile] myalchod has done a nice job of anchoring her experiences to the familiar events of the series occurring elsewhere in the fleet. What really makes this story though is the vision presented of the Colonies' religion. Mixing what little can be gleaned from the show with elements of Greek myth, [ profile] myalchod makes the colonist's faith feel tangible and real, with prayers and rituals and beliefs deftly woven into the pattern of day to day life.

Calliope by [ profile] rheanna27 - [ profile] rheanna27 presents the story of the cylon invasion from the point of view of the crew of the Calliope, a family-run cargo-ship and the smallest member of the Rag Tag Fleet. The Calliope is a family-run ship in the strictest sense. Her crew consists only of the captain, Max, his wife Helen and their two children. From the safety of this small microcosm we witness the destruction of civilization and the gathering together of the remnants into something new. Max and Helen are incredibly alive. I almost feel like I'd recognize them if I met them on the street, their concerns, their love, their wondering about what might have been, all are deftly portrayed. Lee Adama gets a cameo towards the end of the story, and he's excellently drawn as well, but the story ultimately belongs to the Calliope and her crew and to all the little families out there in the fleet struggling to survive in a dangerous new world.

Intra by [personal profile] svilleficrecs - Formatted as a series of fragments and scenes, Intra is a story told in borrowed time. Set entirely during the episode "33" it focuses not on the fights or the briefings or the jumps, but on those few precious minutes sandwiched in-between, when the exhausted pilots are finally able to pause and breathe and eat or shower or even snatch a few precious minutes of sleep or a desperate hand-job in the shower. Although her focus is on Lee and Kara's relationship -- past and present -- [ profile] svilleficrecs also turns her keen eye on some of the other pilots and deck crew. [ profile] svilleficrecs has a talent for spare, sharply-drawn characterizations, even those characters who only get one or two lines feel fully realized. But her Lee and Kara are the heart of this story, she captures everything that makes them captivating without shying away from either's more infuriating traits all while deftly weaving a picture of their past, their present and even their tenuous future.

Your Quaint Honour by [personal profile] voleuse - What is that moment when a relationship turns from a friendship to something else? Sometimes it's not a single moment or a single conversation, sometimes it isn't any words at all, just a series of minute changes and gradual shifts. In "Your Quaint Honour" [ profile] voleuse charts the unspoken shift in Lee and Kara's relationship, a shift that begins with the ending of civilization. [ profile] voleuse's strength is her prose. With stark, elegant sentences, she illuminates the unspoken, drawing out the meaning in a look, a touch, a slight shift in behaviour. She alternates segments of story with excerpts of verse (the poem To His Coy Mistress), a technique that is difficult to pull off. Here though, the juxtaposition is perfect, with the verse serving both to complement and to add richness to the narrative.

Ekphugion by [ profile] fourteenlines - I am so in love with this story. I've been reccing it everywhere I could think of ever since I first read it. Written for this year's Multiverse Crossover Ficathon, Ekphugion deposits the crew of the Galactica in the midst of Lois McMaster Bujold's Miles Vorkosigan series. Departing from BSG canon at the end of season one, [ profile] fourteenlines imagines what might happen if the Rag Tag Fleet were to come out of jump and find themselves orbiting an inhabited planet with a very confused military presence. Fortunately for everyone involved, the planet is Sergyar, part of the Barrayaran Empire in Lois Bujold's Vorkosigan series and there is probably no one in the universe better equipped to deal with this situation then the Viceroy and Vicereine of Sergyar. Everything about this story thrills me. Shaye has a great grasp of both universes and entertwines two large casts and a handful of memorable walk-on OCs brilliantly. All the interactions are delightful and the outsider perspective on both universes is absolutely fascinating and dead on. If you haven't read Bujold's books parts of this story may be confusing, but I recommend it heartily anyway, if for no other reason then that it might inspire you to give her wonderful universe a spin.


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