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Five Days, Five Months by [ profile] lyssaphra - Bend it Like Beckham, Jess/Jules - A perfect imagining of the ups and downs and slow shifting of their relationship in the first five months in the US. Full of fabulous details.

Most Likely To by [ profile] kaneko - The Breakfast Club, Brian/Bender - Fantastic future-fic primarily following Brian's life post high school. A great expansion of the world of the movie.

The Flight of the Queen by [personal profile] ranalore - Ever After, Gen - The author describes this as "clockpunk", which is a term I'd never heard before and kind of love. Whimsical and lovely extrapolation from the alternate history of the movie.

Complete Blank by [personal profile] rivkat - Grosse Point Blank, Martin/Debi - Martin and Debi's wedding. Absolutely hysterical coda to the movie, with great dialogue and a perfect Martin-pov.

A Real Grown-Up Name by [ profile] fairy_tale_echo -Dirty Dancing, Frances/Johnny - A fabulous, believable future for these two. Reminded me exactly how much I love this movie.

Pointillism by [ profile] Sophie - Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Ferris/Cameron/Sloane - A series of snapshots back and forth in time. I'm a great believer in the OT3-ness of this movie and this fic captures that perfectly.

all your heart-melodies by [personal profile] thingswithwings - Lilo and Stitch, Gen - Lilo's dreams change as she grows up. This is just a wonderful, layered story. Every time I reread it I pick up new details and nuances.

Could It Be Simple? by [personal profile] sharpest_asp - Indiana Jones, Indy/Marion - Because really, Indy has to have a boring, normal dig at least once in a while.

Rituals (Feathers and Flames) by [personal profile] escritoireazul - Practical Magic, Gen - Lovely, lyrical language. Captures the spirit of the movie wonderfully

It's Always Something With You by [ profile] cimera - Bon Cop, Bad Cop, David/Martin - A series of progressively more ridiculous predicaments and some excellent pre-slashy-ness.

Les Cinq partys de Noël du détective Ward by [ profile] the_acrobat - Bon Cop, Bad Cop, Gen - Bilingual fic of awesomeness! Captures the spirit of the movie entirely, right down to the seamless switches between French and English in the dialogue.

Thinking Like a Machine by [ profile] doorrepairgirl - Bon Cop, Bad Cop, David/Martin - Fabulous and believable slashiness. A slow build with great characterization and snappy dialogue.


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