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Bitch Planet - Love God Herself by [personal profile] metatxt

An absolutely stunning comics vid. And a perfect marriage of song and source material.

Blazing Saddles - Two Againts One by [personal profile] seekingferret

Great character study/film overview. Another excellent song choice.

Blue Planet - The Blue Planet by [personal profile] cupidsbow

OMG this made me smile so much. It's a nature documentary to the tune of the Beach Boys and it is a delight!

A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery - Easy on the Eyes by dkwilliams

Harriet, through Peter's eyes. ♥

Galaxy Quest - May Fortune Favor the Foolish by [personal profile] actiaslunaris

Wonderfully captures the feel of the film.

Galaxy Quest - Starman by [personal profile] purplefringe

I was worried this song was a little too on-the-nose for this fandom, but in fact this vid is wonderful and makes beautiful use of the song.

Ghostbusters (2016) - Body High by [personal profile] anoel

An awesome representation of Holtzmann's awesomeness.

Ghostbusters (2016) - Get Loud by [personal profile] heresluck

46 seconds of pure awesome, Holtzmann style.

Hawkeye (Fraction, Aja, etc.) - Get Better by [ profile] absternr

This is just so perfect, I don't even know what to say about it. It's a beautiful tribute to the source and wonderfully encapsulates everything I loved about it.

L.A. Confidential - I Get the World: The World Gets Me by [ profile] franzeska (locked to AO3 users)

This vid just blew me away. It's a great exploration of the source with an impeccable musical choice.

Life - Another Place to Fall by [personal profile] himundergreen

Charlie and Dani, apart and together. Reminds me why I love this show so much.

Luke Cage - Battle Cry by [personal profile] thingswithwings

Another perfect song choice. Terrific focus on Luke, Misty and Claire.

A Midsummer Night's Dream (2016) - Never Look Away by Scribe

I haven't seen this adaption, but this vid makes me really, really want to. Fantastic use of the song too.

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries - My Love by [ profile] josette-arnauld

A wonderful trip through Jack and Phryne's relationship, told in a lot of slow cuts that really focus on their facial expressions and shared looks.

One Hundred and One Dalmations (1961) - Gone, Gone, Gone by [ profile] fiercynn

So adorable! Filled my heart with joy.

Pirates of Penzance (1983) - Rock This Town by [personal profile] grammarwoman

Absolute perfection! Made me laugh out loud and grin with glee.

Pitch (2016) - The Greatest by [personal profile] amathela

Just wonderful. This fills me with all the baseball feels and ALL the women in sports feels.

Pump Up The Volume - Steal the Air by Rhea314

A great distillation of everything the movie stands for.

RPF - Carrie Fisher - A Better Son/Daughter by [personal profile] eruthros

Oh, my HEART! This vid totally made me cry. A fitting tribute to everything that made Carrie Fisher so awesome.

RPF - Carrie Fisher - You're My Best Friend by [personal profile] eruthros

An adorable vid about Carrie Fisher and Gary Fisher.

RPF - Chris Hadfield - Going through space with the world by [personal profile] bironic

The Chris Hadfield experience. Pure joy in vid form.

Rivers of London - An Introduction by condnsdmlk

AMAZING constructed reality vid for the Rivers of London books. Magnificent editing and choice of source.

Singin' in the Rain - Welcome to the Jungle by [personal profile] odessie

A fascinating, unexpected and somewhat bittersweet take on the movie. Really well done.

Victor Victoria - Objectified by [personal profile] cupidsbow

A great vid for one of my favorite movies. Really highlights the gender-fuckery that makes the movie such a delight
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a country you remember (1355 words) by waspabi

Molly pov on all the changes that have happened to the Folly.

Reasonable Adjustments (1861 words) by Philomytha

Peter and Nightingale, after Nightingale gets out of the hospital at the end of Rivers of London. A really good slice of their relationship.

Lone Wolf (1715 words) by Philomytha

The end of Broken Homes from Nightingale and Varvara's perspective.

The Librarian (1513 words) by Philomytha

Peter and Nightingale talk about Ettersberg and the Black Library.

Target Practice (1010 words) by Philomytha

A nice coda to Broken Homes.

Retrieval (1146 words) by Philomytha

Nightingale and Peter and Toby and coping with the hard parts of the job.

Team Building (1461 words) by maple_clef

Peter and Molly bonding over Ikea. A sweet missing scene based on a throwaway line in Moon Over Soho.

Every word I'm heeding (1828 words) by shoemaster

An adorable Molly and Abigail friendship-fic.

Demob (884 words) by Philomytha

Molly and Nightingale and the Folly, after the war.

Disturbing the Dust (2089 words) by Philomytha

Molly preparing the Folly for Peter's arrival. Great Molly pov.

a spell against the lonely (1556 words) by Raven

I totally headcanon Nightingale as queer, and this fic looks at what that might mean to him over the years.

Style It Out (1313 words) by maple_clef

A clever explanation for one of Nightingale's more questionable sartorial choices.

do whatever the tv tells us (1101 words) by couldaughter

A serious of domestic vignettes centered around television watching.

Berkeley Square (2450 words) by rabidsamfan

Snapshots of Nightingale's youth interspersed with bits of his time in hospital at the end of Rivers of London

Bridge Over Troubled Water (1081 words) by Deviant_Accumulation

A conversation between Beverley and Nightingale post Foxglove Summer.

The Cartographer Tries to Map a Course (2018 words) by eudaimon

A grown-up Abigail goes to visit the genius loci of Ettersberg.

that shall be bright (1108 words) by Raven

A young Nightingale meets the force of nature that is Phryne Fisher.
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J'attendrai (60148 words) by Quasar - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

I love time-travel stories and I love non-linear narratives, and this story has both. It's long and intense, with an excellent Nightingale voice.

Longevity (16569 words) by lightgetsin - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Lovely, achy future-fic with slow-build intimacy between Peter and Nightingale

Bootleg Turn (4641 words) by leupagus - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Super-hot first-time in the back of the Jag

Longhouse (17074 words) by Philomytha - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Great, creepy case-fic with a strong sense of place.

four and twenty lovebirds (baked in a pie) (34301 words) by stardust_rain - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale, past David Mellenby/Thomas Nightingale

Great British Bake-Off AU told entirely through emails, tweets, tumblr posts and news articles. Epistolary awesomeness.

whatever makes you happy (3929 words) by mardia - Beverley Brook/Peter Grant, Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Established-relationship poly fic. Basically everything I could ever want from this fandom.

conspiracy of silence (2831 words) by Sixthlight - Beverley Brook/Peter Grant, Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Nightingale and Beverley discuss Peter. Excellent poly beginning.

Rivers of Memory (2806 words) by Femme
- Thomas Nightingale/David Mellenby

Nightngale remembers the past and looks to the future.
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Though I Sang in My Chains Like the Sea (10732 words) by lightgetsin

Nice Nightingale-pov case-fic. Some details jossed by later canon, but overall still stands up quite well.

Birdcage (32671 words) by Philomytha

Great case-fic, with a spot on Peter voice, based around the 2012 London Olympics.

Folly To Be Wise (6661 words) by Philomytha

A ghost story with memories of Ettersberg.

Around The House (4593 words) by Sixthlight

Peter and Nightingale and domesticity. I like this characterization of Nightingale.

Mind The Gap (4524 words) by maple_clef

Fun case-fic built around a series of tweets from the surreal and wonderful TLF Travel Alerts twitter.

the walls of where (3104 words) by Philomytha

Nightingale at Ettersberg. Sharp and painful and terribly plausible.

Swim Until You Can't See Land (4418 words) by ariadnes_string

Abdul and Nightingale's first meeting, told from Abdul's perspective.

Dead Languages (5215 words) by athena_crikey

Nightingale recuperating in the Folly after Rivers of London. Nice Peter pov.

No Choice Of Words (5540 words) by mardia - Beverley Brook/Peter Grant

Peter is injured on a case and Beverley handles it about as well as you'd expect.

A noise of falling weights that never fell (3558 words) by linndechir

An atmospheric ghost story set on Halloween.

Of Wishes and Swords (9800 words) by spiral tree

1970's era case-fic told from the pov of a young Seawoll.

Just Another Day at the Office (10052 words) by cordeliadelayne

Excellent case-fic set between Foxglove Summer and The Hanging Tree.

the world is too much with us (2564 words) by ataraxistence

Nightingale character-study centered around the trial of Adolf Eichmann, with a flashback to what Nightingale was up to just pre-WWII.
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Remember when I made recs posts? Well I made it through all of Yuletide in the past few days, so next come the recs!

First up: Rivers of London! Some of these stories have minor spoilers for The Hanging Tree but I don't think anything major.

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch

A Rabbit Hole of Edwardian Pornography (17593 words) by [ profile] linndechir - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Long, plotty and smoking hot. Does a believable job of incorporating sex - and kink - into their canon relationship.

A Change is As Good As a Rest (3611 words) by [ profile] Joylee - Molly (Rivers of London), Thomas Nightingale, Peter Grant

Excellent Molly-pov on her relationship with Nightingale and Peter's addition to the Folly.

Posh (1775 words) by [ profile] maple_clef - Sahra Guleed & Molly (Rivers of London)

A sweet little tale about Sahra and Molly bonding in the Folly.

Forces Impressed Thereon (2484 words) by [ profile] telarna - Thomas Nightingale, Molly (Rivers of London), Peter Grant

Nightingale recuperating at the Folly after the defeat of Henry Pyke. Great Nightingale pov and some lovely insights into Nightingale and Molly's relationship.

Hold On, I'm a Little Unsteady (9019 words) by [ profile] moogle62 - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Very hot, well-negotiated sex-pollen fic.

three-body problem (15152 words) by [ profile] Sixthlight - Beverley Brook/Peter Grant, Beverley Brook & Thomas Nightingale, Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Delightful poly negotiations fic, told entirely from Beverley's pov.

all our plans are useless indeed (6511 words) by [ profile] hazel - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Nightingale through the years. Nice use of non-linear storytelling.


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