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Remember when I made recs posts? Well I made it through all of Yuletide in the past few days, so next come the recs!

First up: Rivers of London! Some of these stories have minor spoilers for The Hanging Tree but I don't think anything major.

Rivers of London - Ben Aaronovitch

A Rabbit Hole of Edwardian Pornography (17593 words) by [ profile] linndechir - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Long, plotty and smoking hot. Does a believable job of incorporating sex - and kink - into their canon relationship.

A Change is As Good As a Rest (3611 words) by [ profile] Joylee - Molly (Rivers of London), Thomas Nightingale, Peter Grant

Excellent Molly-pov on her relationship with Nightingale and Peter's addition to the Folly.

Posh (1775 words) by [ profile] maple_clef - Sahra Guleed & Molly (Rivers of London)

A sweet little tale about Sahra and Molly bonding in the Folly.

Forces Impressed Thereon (2484 words) by [ profile] telarna - Thomas Nightingale, Molly (Rivers of London), Peter Grant

Nightingale recuperating at the Folly after the defeat of Henry Pyke. Great Nightingale pov and some lovely insights into Nightingale and Molly's relationship.

Hold On, I'm a Little Unsteady (9019 words) by [ profile] moogle62 - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Very hot, well-negotiated sex-pollen fic.

three-body problem (15152 words) by [ profile] Sixthlight - Beverley Brook/Peter Grant, Beverley Brook & Thomas Nightingale, Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Delightful poly negotiations fic, told entirely from Beverley's pov.

all our plans are useless indeed (6511 words) by [ profile] hazel - Peter Grant/Thomas Nightingale

Nightingale through the years. Nice use of non-linear storytelling.


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